Corporate users are more and more limited in access/usage rights on their PC-s. Much of Mike software needs admin rights to install or to change components. In my case, I need to change the license I use from time to time, but to my knowledge, this is not possible without admin access. The particular problem I experienced is that my DHI products use a network license by standard, which works fine as long as I have rapid connection to my company servers. But if I want to switch to a local dongle (using DHI License Management), I just can't do it. Any workarounds or suggestions how to solve this? Shortly: how to swich between network license to local dongle License without admin access on the PC.

After some troubleshooting with our IT department I have even more questions now. Regardless of how I start DHI License Management software (admin or not admin) I get stuck with an unusual non-windows standard question about providing an admin username an password.