Posted Thu, 04 Apr 2013 10:37:00 GMT by TUAN ANH LE
Dear all!
Can we install several modules of Mike 2012 such as Mike 11 - Mike 21 - Mike She .... in one computer?
Can those modules run as the same time?
Mike 2012 support to run with 4 cores. If I use 8 cores computer to run 2 model Mike 11 or Mike 11 and Mike 21, is it use all of its cores or not?
Our company is going to build a new computer to run those model. Can anyone suggest me what kind of computer we should used (PC, Server or Workstation)?
Posted Thu, 11 Apr 2013 09:25:00 GMT by Pierre Hoevelt
Hi Tuananh,

Yes, you can install different MIKE by DHI 2012 software packages such as MIKE 11, MIKE 21, MIKE SHE, etc, on the same computer.

The MIKE by DHI 2012 software packages can run at the same time on the computer, so if you have an 8 core machine you can run e.g. MIKE 11 on 4 cores at the same time as you run MIKE 21 on the other 4 cores.

Regarding the hardware, please be aware that Server OS is not supported, and it is not recommend sharing the license among different users through terminal services. With a corporate license the software is networked, so I would suggest a reasonably powerful workstation.

Cheers, Pierre

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