• Re: Sink discharge in M21?

    It is possible via the output mode "mass budget".
    BUT: It sums up the discharge of all sinks and sources, so basically it is more or less useless if you have multiple sources and sinks.
    Nevertheless, it works fine for single sinks or similar.

    Hope this helps :)

    If you find a way how to do it sink by sink, I'd love to hear about it!
  • Re: Decoupled Batch

    Hey there

    my scripts usually look the following way:


    Start /wait Mzlaunch.exe "c:\ompletepath\to\model.m21fm" -gpu -x

    and they work. So maybe add the full path to your model within "".

    Hope this helps :)
  • Re: Import of Break Lines

    Hi Christian

    Sorry for my belated response and thank you for yours.

    I was able to import the break lines as you described it. The titles are indeed very misleading. ???
    And it would be very helpful if the mesh generator would have a control functionality to check for valid geometry in the domain before it runs out of precision or before it fills up the RAM and crashes by directly trying to generate a mesh under the given constraints (maximum element area, minimum angle and maximum element number). But that's another story.  ;D

    Thank you!

    Best, Sam
  • Re: Import of Break Lines

    Any ideas?
  • Re: Background Image

    Unfortunately, the German support mail addresses do not respond. I'll try the other countries then. ;)
    I'll post the solution (if there is any) here.
  • Import of Break Lines


    Is there a possibility to import a xyz file (or other) containing polylines to Mesh Generator in order to create break lines?
    There is the possibility to draw them manually, but for a street network of a large city this becomes quite painfull..

    Quick help is very much appreciated!

    Best, Sam
  • Re: Background Image

    thank you for your reply.

    It is a tiff file which I clipped out of an orthophoto, so it is georeferenced. It goes to the right place with the correct coordinates when I open it in ArcGIS.
    The same happens now when I try to import a clipped DEM tif file as background data in Mike Zero Bathymetries editor.
    I tried different applications in Mike Zero (mesh generator, bathymetry editor) and it always crashes when I click on OK for loading the image.
    Georeferencing is for sure not necessary since it already is and additionally I couldn't even work on it since MZ crashes before opening it.
  • Re: Background Image

    Any ideas?
  • Background Image

    Hey there :)

    I open a dsfu file in Mike Zero and I can see the results. When I try to add a tif file (orthophoto), Mike Zero crashes.
    I tried to export the tif file in ArcGIS to bmp, jpg and png, but none of them works, I get the error 000446.
    What can I do?

    Thank you for your reply.