• Re: Create *.dfsu file for new grid from old .dfsu file

    Hi Sebastian,

    As an idealized example to describe what I want to do, I have a MIKE3 FM mesh with 10,000 elements and a *.dfsu file representing bed roughness for that mesh.  I didn't create this original mesh or *.dfsu file.  I then made some manual edits to the original mesh and now I have a mesh with 9,000 elements and the roughness *.dfsu file needs to be revised for the new mesh with fewer elements.  This is for a MIKE3 FM simulation.

    I think the best method is to bring in the original .dfsu file into MIKE Zero as scatter data, interpolate onto my revised mesh with 9,000 elements, and then export as a new .dfsu file.

    Please let me know if there is a better method.

    Thank you.
  • Create *.dfsu file for new grid from old .dfsu file


    I'm trying to determine the best method for revising a .dfsu file for a revised mesh.  I have an original mesh with a .dfsu file representing bed roughness and I've made modifications to some elements and nodes within the mesh, reducing the number of elements, and I need to create a new bed roughness .dfsu file for the revised grid.

    Any help you can provide would be very helpful.

    Thank you,