• Re: Problem with import refvalue and interval for observation points in FEFLOW 7

    I was able to import the observation points without any problems including reference values and corresponding intervals. Could you please check whether or not you use the latest Update of FEFLOW 7.0. Please click on [b]Help[/b] and then on [b]About[/b]. Finally, please [b]Check for Updates[/b].

    If the problem still persists I suggest to contact the <a href="https://www.mikepoweredbydhi.com/support">FEFLOW Support</a> .
  • Re: How to overcome 'Segmentation fault during TRIANGLE mesh generation'

    The problem may arise if either the Supermesh is designed in a "too complicated" way or if the input geometry is topologically not correct. This topic has been discussed also here:


    If you need further assistance you could contact the  <a href="https://www.mikepoweredbydhi.com/support">FEFLOW Support</a> .
  • Re: Calibration of hydraulic heads

    You can derive calculated values stored as history charts by developing a plugin:

    [b][font=courier][color=blue]  IfmResult  IfmGetHistoryDimensions (IfmDocument pDoc, IfmHistoryID nID, int nKind, int* nTimes, int* nHist);
      IfmResult  IfmGetHistoryValues (IfmDocument pDoc, IfmHistoryID nID, int nKind, int nTimes, int nHist, double* pTimes, double** pValues);[/color][/font][/b]

    Here is a an overview about available histories. The ID is also indicated:

    [b][font=courier][color=blue]typedef enum IfmHistoryID {
        IfmHIST_HEAD = 1, /* The 'head distribution' window */
        IfmHIST_AVER_M = 2, /* The 'average mass distribution' window */
        IfmHIST_LOCA_M = 3, /* The 'local mass distribution' window */
        IfmHIST_AVER_H = 4, /* The 'average heat distribution' window */
        IfmHIST_LOCA_H = 5, /* The 'local heat distribution' window */
        IfmHIST_FFLUX = 6, /* The 'fluid flux' window */
        IfmHIST_MFLUX = 7, /* The 'mass flux' window */
        IfmHIST_HFLUX = 8, /* The 'heat flux' window */
        IfmHIST_ITERA = 10, /* Iteration window index */
        IfmHIST_TIMES = 12, /* Time step history index */
        IfmHIST_RESIDUAL = 13, /* Residual window index */
        IfmHIST_VARIO = 15, /* Kriging variogram index */
        IfmHIST_ANA = 16, /* Analytical function index */
        IfmHIST_MULTW_FLUX = 17, /* Muli-layer well flux window index */
        IfmHIST_BHE = 18, /* Borehole heat exchanger window index */
        IfmHIST_IFM = 19, /* IFM based diagram window index */
        IfmHIST_FFLUX_I = 20, /* The 'integral fluid flux' window */
        IfmHIST_MFLUX_I = 21, /* The 'integral mass flux' window */
        IfmHIST_HFLUX_I = 22, /* The 'integral heat flux' window */
        IfmHIST_BHE_IO = 23 /* The Inlet/outlet bhe diagram */
    } IfmHistoryID;[/color][/font][/b]

    These API functions are shown in C, but can be easily migrated to Python. Please let me know if I may further assist you.
  • Re: Help with unconfined aquifer!

    Models with partially or fully unstructured meshes allow the representation of confined conditions or unsaturated flow (Richards). The simplified free & moveable method and the phreatic approach is not available.
  • Re: Multilayer well in unconfined models with free surface/moving mesh

    In principle you may set the layer to confined to keep the geometry as long as this setting represents the natural architecture of your domain you investigate. Another conceptualization is to use the phreatic approach or unsaturated flow.
  • Re: Evaluate quantity of contaminant injected

    Please note the algebraic sign convention for the Budget panels and Budget Histories: Negative refers to outflow and positive to inflow.

    The Rate Budget panel displays the budget (fluid-flow rate, mass-flow rate, heat-flow rate) at the current simulation time step. In contrast, the Period-Budget panel shows the integrated budget for a time period.
  • Re: supermesh view lost and not able to assign by map polygon

    In the problem Settings you need to activate [b]Save Superelement mesh in FEM file[/b]. Initially, there was a bug where the checkbox was not activated by default. The bug has been already fixed. I suggest to [b]Check for Updates[/b].

    Please note, that 3D Supermeshes are not stored in FEM-files. 2D Supermeshes are stored in FEM-files only. There is no way to recover the Supermesh. However, in most of the cases the Supermesh is created from Maps. You may re-create the Supermesh based on your maps.
  • Re: Evaluate quantity of contaminant injected

    Correct, you can either use the [b]Rate / Period Budget panel[/b] or the [b]Budget History Charting[/b].

    There are two reasons of using the Budget History Charting mode compared to applying the Rate Budget and Period Budget panels: On the one hand, it allows the display of charts, on the other hand the complete chart data are saved in the results file (*.dac), even if not all time steps of the simulation are stored.
  • Re: Feflow 7 - unable to assign discrete features + multilayer wells using &quot;edges&quot;

    I double-checked the assignment of Multilayer Wells (MLW's). The assignment is working correctly. Please assure you are using Edges rather than Join Edges if you work with FEFLOW 7.0. Furthermore, please also assure you have the latest Update of FEFLOW.
  • Re: Can FEFLOW simulate mass transport with diffuse sources?

    Did you check whether or not you use the latest Patch 6? Please click on Help and then on About. Finally, please Check for Updates. If the crash is still present please contact the FEFLOW Support https://www.mikepoweredbydhi.com/support