• Re: Map Contents

    Are you using a fully-unstructured mesh (tetrahedrons)?
  • Re: FePest not licensed?

    The License Server should respond. Could you please contact the FEFLOW Support? Thank you in advance.

  • Re: Problem with multilayer well

    Did you impose a reasonable radius for the field lines?
  • Re: how to enter wells BC in one particular layer

    You need to assign Well BC's on Slice nodes rather than on Layers. Use the [b]Selection toolbar[/b] to create a nodal selection. After that double-click on [b]Well BC[/b] in the [b]Data panel[/b]. Enter the extraction/injection rate in the [b]Input field[/b] and click on [b]Assign[/b].
  • Re: Introducing fault in bed rock

    In general, there are two different approaches to represent faults and fractures within a numerical model. You may either use Discrete Features or you may fully discretize the geometry of the faults and fractures within the finite element mesh. Discrete Features are only applicable if the faults and fractures induce preferential pathways. If the faults and fractures are impervious, then you need to fully discretize them.
  • Re: discrete features

    If you use FEFLOW 6.1 you need a selection of type [b]Slice Edges[/b], [b]Join Edges[/b], [b]Slice Faces[/b] or [b]Join Faces[/b]. You may access these types in the [b]Selection toolbar[/b]. After you selected the Edges or the Faces you need to go to the [b]Data panel[/b]. Right-click on [b]Discrete Features[/b] and choose the flow law of interest.
  • Re: Modeling unsaturated zone_Van genuchten parameters

    <a href="http://www.ars.usda.gov/News/docs.htm?docid=8953">ROSETTA</a> is a useful reference.
  • Re: I cannot generate the mesh

    In FEFLOW, 7.0 the mesh is no longer generated from the [b]Mesh toolbar[/b]. All settings for the mesh generation process have been migrated from the Meshing toolbar to the [b]Mesh panel[/b].
  • Re: Simulation Runs Too Slowly

    Small time-step sizes by means of several orders of magnitude behind the decimal separator as predicted by the automatic predictor-corrector time-stepping scheme is an indication for numerical instabilities. A multitude of possible reasons exist. I suggest to contact the <a href="https://www.mikepoweredbydhi.com/support">FEFLOW Support</a>.
  • Re: Using Qt forms and widgets with IFM plugins

    The IFM function [font=courier][color=blue]IfmEditProperties[/color][/font] provides a Qt dialog for IFM data without GUI programming. The dialog supports different data types (e.g. integers, doubles, enumerations, strings, path, time etc.) More detailed information are provided by the FEFLOW Help.

    You may find a simple example in the FEFLOW SDK data: C:\Users\Public\Documents\WASY FEFLOW 6.2\sdk\ifm\samples\simul\ifm_prop