• Re: in-/active elements

    The deactivation and reactivation of elements is a development of FEFLOW 6.2. FEFLOW 6.1 and earlier versions do support inactive elements.
  • Re: import mesh

    FEFLOW provides an interface with Leapfrog. Other interfaces (e.g. Gocad) are in still in development.

    Nevertheless FEFLOW provides a broad variety of importing and exporting external data. File formats include different ASCII files, shapefiles, Excel files, georeferenced Raster files and even connections to geospatial data bases as such as ESRI Geodatabases, Oracle, PostgreeSQL.
  • Re: in-active / deleted elements

    If you want to impose different elevations in your model I do not see any reason why you want to delete elements.

    I suggest to prepare the geological model. You could use a point shapefile with Z values and the Slice number (ID) in the attribute table. Then, prepare a uniform 3D model in FEFLOW. You could use a parameter link between the elevations from the attribute table and the elevation parameter in FEFLOW. If the attribute table also contains the corresponding Slice ID you could interpolate slice wise in one step.

    Detailed information are provided by our Demonstration Exercise (pages 20-24): http://www.mikepoweredbydhi.com/-/media/A1279D59B7E04E1888ADDC9C8A7AC65A.ashx

    If you intend to integrate barriers, I suggest to assign either low conductivities to the area of interest or you may deactivate elements. The element deactivation was a development of FEFLOW 6.2. Accordingly, you cannot deactivate elements if you use FEFLOW <= 6.1.
  • Re: Crash in Feflow 6.2 (p8) on a Windows 7 PC - Right click on charts

    Thanks for your help to improve FEFLOW.

    I tried to reproduce the crash using the same patch (P8). It was not possible.

    After the crash is triggered do you get the option to send a bug report? If yes, please send the bug report. Bug reports are directly delivered to the developers.

    In the meanwhile, could you please also try to update the driver for the graphic card? Moreover, please try deactivate the hardware acceleration in Global Settings - Graphics. You may access the Global Settings if you click on Tools in the main menu and then on Global Settings. Now, please reproduce the crash. Does the crash still occur?
  • Re: 3D visualization

    If the color of the inactive elements and the color of the background are the same, inactive elements get invisible. In the View Components panel, double-click on [i]In-/active Elements[/i] to open the corresponding properties. Switch the color from red to the color you use also use for the background.
  • Re: Streamlines - Cross sectional view

    You have to select the nodes in a 3D View or in a Slice View and plot the field lines in the Cross-Section View. Please also assure that the trace of the cross section intersects with the traces of the field lines. Otherwise the field lines are not visible indeed.
  • Re: Streamlines - Cross sectional view

    Plotting field-lines in a Cross-Section View is the same as plotting field-lines in a 3D View. Activate the stored nodal selection of interest in the Spatial-Units panel, double-click on Pathlines/Streamlines Backward/Forward and activate the plot in the View-Components panel.
  • Re: River as a boundary - Having troubles with the transfer rate

    The transfer rate may range over several orders of magnitude (e.g. 1-10000 10-4 /d). Usually, this parameter is subject to calibration.
  • Re: Unsaturated Zones when you use the Standard (Saturated) groundwater flow equatio

    Yes, you can plot two or more process variables, boundary conditions and material properties. Right-click on the parameter of interest and choose [i]Lock Data View[/i] from the context menu.
  • Re: River as a boundary - Having troubles with the transfer rate

    Sorry, ? represents the greek character Phi