• Re: SRT upper limit in ASM1

    Hi Iacopo,
    I am not sure I understand your question .. you mean literature suggests that the sludge age should not be more than 30 days?
    If you calculate 40 days for your set up, you need to lower it by wasting more sludge, increasing the flow, reducing the volume, ... it depends on how your system is set up.
  • Re: The model for "a process" is not available in Model Library

    Hello Imraan,
    if you check the Logging pane, I am quite sure you will find an error message like ".. [b]quantity has not been linked[/b] .." - which means that an interface variable was declared in one of your models but never used, i.e. either assigned (if it's an output) or used in the scope of an expression (if it's an input).

    This coding 'error' is not picked up by the modelbase check: so yes, you may have gone through all the correct steps and built your layout, but it's only going to surface at runtime.

    What happens in the GUI is that WEST clears the content of the Block Details for all the blocks on your canvas, not only of the one that actually caused the error - which I agree is a bit annoying and we'll work on improving this.

    Solution: there must be one model that you worked on last; and perhaps you have added interface variables? look there and make sure that every interface OBJ be used at least once in the equations section.
  • Re: Cardinality of From and To does not match: 24, 26: Link583660

    Hi Giacomo,
    and apologies for the huge delay in replying to this.

    I actually understood the error was at another stage of the process - which would suggest some error at the level of the block library, as I initially tried to explain.
    However, what you are now reporting is much easier to solve - in fact not a real error ..

    Basically, you have created a new Instance (with a new list of Components).
    Clearly, a [b]Fractionation Layout[/b] will not be available for your new Instance - unless the Components are the same as one of the standard Instances, which I believe is not the case.
    So, what you can do is indeed to load one of the Layouts (the one with the state vector closests to that of your new Instance); then you need to make the necessary changes and save the new Layout - that will then be available every time you'll use your new Instance.

    The message you get may be a little unclear, and especially the outcome a little unexpected (we're working to improve this!), because [b]whether you answer 'yes' or 'no' you will lose some information[/b].
    As I said: all you need to do is to modify the Layout according to your influent model and save it, so that it will be available for other projects.
  • Re: Create new block with top level parameters (WEST16)

    I am afraid, yes.
  • Re: Algebraic Loops found only when controller is used

    Regarding your first post: the reason why a loopbreaker is needed between the PI controller and the centrifuge is that the separation model associated with a centrifuge block is purely algebraic. However, WEST (I assume you're using 2017) is not able to insert one automatically because it should be placed on the 'red' (i.e. non-flux) connection between the two blocks - and the default loopbreaker only work on the state vector (not on individual scalars).
    The simplest solution is to place one manually on the outflow of the centrifuge - and, depending on your control loop, also use a separate sensor after the loopbreaker to derive the measurement that is to be fed to the controller.
  • Re: Error while creating Instances

    Do not use a Namespace for your Conversion Model.
    The [b]Namespace property[/b] of both the Category and its Conversion Model should be [b]empty[/b].
  • Re: Error while creating Instances

    [quote author=yohannis link=topic=20597.msg26611#msg26611 date=1501685332]
    TYPE [b]ADM1_only[/b]Components ..[/quote]

    That's exactly what I suggested:
    "or used a 'Namespace' for your Instance (..) which results in a string being prepended to Components (hence, [b]<Namespace>[/b]Components)".

    So: "the Components vector is not known to your new Instance".

    You must not use a Namespace.
  • Re: Cardinality of From and To does not match: 24, 26: Link583660

    [quote author=giacomo.bellandi link=topic=20591.msg26604#msg26604 date=1501593933]
    I tried to do the same using a standard library in a new project starting from ASMG2d and it gives no problem to generate the influent and connect it to something else[/quote]

    I am afraid the only thing I can suggest is to conduct a thorough, step-wise debug of your library: it's a lengthy process but it's the only way you will be able to spot the mistake.
  • Re: Create new block with top level parameters (WEST16)

    Ok, I see what you mean - I thought it was a matter of 1 parameter for 1 new block.
    A work-around may be that you delete all the existing top-level parameters and re-create them: by 1) multi-selecting the relevant blocks and all the parameters; and 2) dragging-dropping them on the top-level parameters window.
  • Re: Error - Invalid name in To:

    I am going to answer your first question then  :)

    Not sure whether it's the safest, but certainly the approach I always use:
    [list type=decimal]
    [li]in the Properties pane, I change the Name of the Block (while the SynchronizeNames property is set to 'true'), without any space or other special character[/li]
    [li]then I switch SynchronizeNames to 'false'[/li]
    [li]and go back to Name and modify to what I want it to be (e.g. with spaces, ..)[/li]