• Re: How to link matlab with west

    Apologies, I am sure I had replied: it must have gotten erased.
    You should probably request it through your IT manager or supervisor to DHI Spain.
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    Hello Delia,
    ok, whether network (multi-seat) or personal is not relevant in this case: do have a WfAUTOMATION license ? because I believe this is what's needed for such advanced features ...
    Is your institution Jaume I University in Valencia?
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    Hello Delia,
    what kind of license do you have?

    The Tornado data path is the path where it looks for some key-files, e.g. the Tornado Main.
    The Tornado Main is a file containing a whole lot of settings for WEST / Tornado, e.g. which solvers to load and which units (and conversions) are known to Tornado.
  • Re: Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD process)

    correct: there's no dedicated aerobic digestion icon in the WEST library.
    I am afraid, the only short-term solution is that you use the Model Editor to implement the model yourself.
  • Re: Error in tree structure

    Hello Chaim,
    no, I really don't believe it may be due to the replacement of the FOREACH by individual expressions.

    However, since you must be restricting your model to one instance only, the 'tree' that the error complains about may refer to resolving the #ifdef statements (only a wild guess ...)
  • Re: Biofilter modelling

    Hello Chaim,
    and apologies for this late reaction.

    My reply actually meant that after I posted an earlier reply here and interacted with Elham's colleague through Tech Support, he replied that they had changed "something" and that issue disappeared.
    So it's not really a solution I proposed, rather something they did.

    I cannot help you here, sorry.
  • Re: Error in tree structure

    Hello Chaim,
    I must admit: that's a first for me too ...
    Never seen this before.

    Just to be clear: you are using MSL, the WEST Model Editor and release 2017, correct ?
    Are you by any chance implementing a coupled-model? that's where I could imagine a "tree" error may occur, although I would expect such error be caught by the syntax check ...
  • Re: Problems with Chemical Dosing

    Hi Laura,
    you are right: iron dosing (and possibly chemical dosing altogether) is not enabled for ASM2dM - this is going to be fixed (there hasn't been a new release since the previous post).

    In any case, you should probably not use ASM2dM but [b]ASM2dModTemp[/b] instead !
  • Re: Biofliter modelling

    Pau, I apologise for the very late reaction to your post.
    I have in the meantime answered to your colleague Elham through our Tech Support. As far as I know, she has now solved the problem.
    If this should not be the case, please come back: I will do my best to react more promptly.
  • Re: Load input and run WEST from external software

    Hi Sovanna,
    sure it is technically possible: not with the standard, commercial version of WEST, but [b]through Tornado[/b].

    Please send me an email, I will explain this further.