• Re: Calibration in steady-state conditions

    This kind of error message generally suggests that there's some kind of formatting error in the text file: can you see anything wrong on line 4 ?
    For instance, t4 < t3; or comma vs. dot; ...
  • Re: Calibration in steady-state conditions

    The error message suggests that there's an error on line 4 - but I only see 3 lines in your .txt file.
    Are you sure it's referring to that file - and not another one?
    Could you rather attach a snapshot of the logging? or even export the logging to .txt or .xls and post it here?
  • Re: WEST-Matlab Linkage Guide

    the documentation you're referring to is currently unavailable, as the server that used to host it has been taken off.
    We are in the process of figuring out a solution.
  • Re: How to simulate an UASB

    Hello Hector,
    you're right ...
    Unfortunately, there's been no progress in this respect - at least in the official block library (rel.2017).
    I have however implemented a simple UASB model, using the concept you outline here, i.e. anaerobic digester units in series with different solid retention at different levels.
    The model was developed in the scope of a project and for various reason has not made it to the official library yet.
    But if you would like to use it, please contact tech support and I will make it available for you to download.
  • Re: WEST2017 - Top-level parameters

    Hi Queralt,
    there are two ways to create top-level parameters: an 'easy', semi-automatic one, and a more flexible, manual one.

    In your case, i.e. same parameter across multiple blocks, you can multi-select the blocks (either in the Layout or in the Model Explorer pane) and then drag-drop the parameter to the Top-level Quantities sheet / Parameters tab: a corresponding top-level parameter, with the same data type, units etc. of the original parameters will be automatically generated, in particular the Links properties is automatically set to the individual sub-model parameters.

    The other way requires that you manually type in Name, Data Type, etc. for the top-level parameter and especially select one by one the Links to the underlying sub-model parameters.
  • Re: Methane composition

    I am afraid, this is far too little information to be able to suggest something meaningful.
    Did you check why does the methane partial pressure increase with respect to the situation with the smaller reactor? Is it only this variable that appears to be overestimated (I would be surprised), or is there a more generalised 'shift' towards such irrealistic conditions?

    All I can suggest is that you take a closer look at the model and try and isolate (or at least narrow down) those that may trigger this behaviour.
  • Re: Thermal hydrolysis (or: Custom, non-standard models)

    BTW, I have slightly modified the original title of this thread, as it can be generalised to any non-standard model, not just thermal hydrolysis - which should make future searches easier.
  • Re: Thermal hydrolysis

    Hi Luz,
    it depends on what do you mean by "is it possible"  :)

    You are right in that there's no thermal hydrolysis model readily available in the standard WEST library. So you will not find the corresponding icon in the Block Library of you WEST project.

    However, as you may know, the WEST library is entirely open which means: you are free to add any model you may need, incl. in your case a thermal hydrolysis.
    For this, you need the [b]Model Editor[/b] tool of WEST - which is accessible if one has a WESTforOPTIMIZATION license. I see you belong to a university, so it's quite likely you have this kind of license.

    Adding a new model, and in particular a thermal hydrolysis one, is not necessarily too complicate.
    You may want to take a look at these [b]video tutorials[/b]:

    Then you can always post more questions here.

    * Oh and thank you for your words of appreciation! *
  • Re: Error in changing the position of an object in the model editor


    The limited snapshot of the Logging that you have attached is not sufficient: there may be more information in the lines further up in the file.
    It's best to save the Logging as Excel spreadsheet (Save button in the Logging pane).

    The .msl file is also insufficient to test your code because it refers to (#include) two files (namely, UCTPST/wwtp.pst.uct.msl and UCTPST/wwtp.VolumeUCTPSTConversionModel.body.msl) that are not provided here.
    I have tried commenting those #include statements out and focused on the two remaining classes, BasePST and PSTConversionModel: the Instance check (in the [b]WEST 2017[/b] Model Editor) fails due to "Undefined type name "UCTPSTIndexOfSolvent".
    Why do you even use a "UCTPST" IndexOfSolvent? This kind of identifier is usually auto-generated by prepending the Instance name (e.g. ASM1) to the "IndexOf" followed by the name of a Group (within a Category).
    Have you created a new Instance called UCTPST ? If so, it should definitely be able to find the definition, unless you did not generate the code ...
    If not, you may have manually renamed an IndexOfSolvent in a piece of code that you copy-pasted from an existing class? in which case of course it would not work ..

    In order to help you out, I really need to entire library - or, if you are implementing this code on top of a reference library, e.g. rel.2017, all the files that you have added.
    Please send all this to [b]Technical Support[/b].

    One more thing: I am surprised when you say that the Model Editor did not issue any error message. What version of WEST (and Model Editor) are you using?
  • Re: Error in changing the position of an object in the model editor

    it's difficult to say by just looking at the (synthetic) error message exposed in the pop-up. There may be some more details in the actual Logging - you may have a look yourself, or send it over.
    In any case, irrespective of what you did (if you correctly replaced interface. by state. that should be enough), what should be investigated further is:
    [list type=decimal]
    [li]why did you not get to see the state variable that you declared? This would certainly not be solved by just changing the variable from state to interface ...[/li]
    [li]why does it now complain about a missing file? If a file cannot be found, then there's no point in even attempting to open a project based on that library ...[/li]

    In order to provide you with a more sensible answer, can you please explain in some detail what were you attempting to do and perhaps even attach a code sample?
    If this should not be enough, I might then ask you to contact our tech support and provide a number of key files.