• Re: ASM1_AN what about organic nitrogen?

    Hello Monica,
    I see what you are looking for in the model.
    I don't believe you could use one of the standard models of the library as such: your best option is to add a component to the conversion model.
  • Re: Influent "Custom" ASM2d in WEST 2017

    Hi Hector,
    you need to [b]declare[/b] the additional component (in this case 'TP') in the first page, General.
  • Re: Splitting flows and calculating the mean

    Hi Christian,
    you cannot model a [b]true scheduler[/b] in WEST.

    A generator is a model that produces, in your case, a vector of the state components, based on a given time-dependent function, e.g. sine.
  • Re: Splitting flows and calculating the mean

    [quote author=christianleprince link=topic=20830.msg27164#msg27164 date=1520949794]
    1- Splitting an influent flow into flows per time interval (say 2 hours interval, over a 24 hours period). So basically, being able to extract the flow every 2 hours.
    I don't fully understand: is it a 'scheduler' (i.e. x1 m3/d from t0 until t1; x2 m3/d from t2 until t3; etc.) that you would like to create? or a generator? I don't see how would you use a flow splitter in these cases ..

    [quote author=christianleprince link=topic=20830.msg27164#msg27164 date=1520949794]
    2- Calculating the mean/average of some variables in general. I found the function "double MSLUGetMean(double ID)" but I don't really understand it, with the buffer idea.
    Please check the MSL Reference Guide.
  • Re: pH Control in the ASM1temp

    Hello Andrea,
    no, there's no pH as state variable in AMS1, or any of the ASM models (only in ADM1).
    You may be able to have a (qualitative?) indication of pH, via S_ALK but I don't know of any reliable correlation between the two variables - certainly not implemented in WEST.
  • Re: ASM1_AN (Anammox)

    Hi Hector,
    you're completely right - and thank you for reporting this.
    There's [b]a mistake in the library[/b], which unfortunately can only be fixed in the next SP.

    In the meantime, here's the fix: will you try and do it yourself? If you prefer, please contact me directly and we'll arrange a remote connection.

    Open the IUWS library through the Model Editor and double-click on the ASM1_AN/ Default Category: this will open up the Gujer Matrix editor for ASM1_AN.
    [list type=decimal]
    [li]Rename the state variable "K_HNO2_NO" to "K_HNO2_NO_pH"[/li]
    [li]Update the rate expression for AerGrowthXNO accordingly[/li]
    [li]Do the same for the state variable "K_NH3_NH" (to "K_NH3_NH_pH")[/li]
    [li]And update the rate expression for AerGrowthXNH[/li]
    [li]It's sufficient you recompile the ASM1_AN Gujer Matrix (blue arrow "Generate Code" in the Gujer Matrix Editor)[/li]
  • Re: ASM1_AN (Anammox)

    Hello Hector,
    1st question: what [b]version[/b] are you using?
  • Re: CoupledModelType: coupling of vector parameters

    Hi Julia,
    I have never done this myself, so I cannot be sure.
    My guess is that indeed that type of equivalence is not working in MSL - and not just in the scope of a coupled model.
    In other words: you cannot just write vectorA = vectorB (assuming of course A and B have the same cardinality). You need to write:
    vectorA[elem1] = vectorB[elem1]
    vectorA[elem2] = vectorB[elem2]

    In the scope of a simple model, you can certainly use a FOREACH statement, but I am not sure this is going to be the case for a coupled model.
    You may have to write out element by element.
  • Re: Add a new process to the structure of the ASM1temp

    Hello Andrea,
    I realised that the DHI WEST channel on YouTube is no longer available: as a result, one may not have a clear view over the available videos.
    There are only a few, but the following should cover your needs:
    [li]Create a new Category: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bprZwy5fkLg [/li]
    [li]Add a New Component: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kb-fSmfmcdM [/li]
    [li]Work on the Conversion Model (Gujer Matrix): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bprZwy5fkLg [/li]

    The error message that you report is due to the MultiSensor class (model) being available only for the original Instances (not for the new Instance you have just created).
    This is easy to verify, if you perform a textual search in the library (Code / Find / "MultiSensor" / Entire Model Library): you will find what is called an "ifdef statement" that explicitly lists individual Instances - yours cannot possibly be included.

    This [b]can be fixed[/b] by either adding your new Instance to the list; or by replacing the entire statement by the more generic [code]#ifdef StandardCategoryModels[/code]

    However, I recommend you install the [b]Service Pack 2 of WEST 2016[/b], at least - where this and other such issues you are bound to encounter soon have been solved.
  • Re: Add a new process to the structure of the ASM1temp

    Pre-requisite for carrying out this task is to have a WESTforOPTIMIZATION license that gives access to the WEST Model Editor.

    I would suggest you work on a copy of the base Instance / Category ASM1Temp, as explained in the following video:
    You will need to add the 2 new processes to the ConversionModel; perhaps new components too?
    Parameters (such as your kinetic constant) and state variables are to be defined in the respective pages (grids) of the ConversionModel Editor.