• Re: Adjust the Appearance of a Plot Window

    Nothing is actually supposed to pop-up, only to "get focus".
    So it may be that the Properties pane is hidden behind another pane, or even close. Either way, as soon as you bring it to the foreground, you will be able to make the changes you want.
  • Re: Changing the temperature vales in ASU

    I see what you mean. And actually, your second question may provide the answer for the first one.
    Yes all relevant [b]kinetics is temperature-dependent[/b].
    So when you change temperature, kinetics such mu_max will correspndingly vary (according to the Arrhenius expression).
  • Re: Changing the temperature vales in ASU

    I don't fully understand ...
    Yes: the aerator model uses temperature as parameter (manipulated variable, in fact); and so is the activated sludge tank model.
    You can provide the two values individually (e.g. by manually inputting the desired value); or, probably better option, by using a top-level interface variable, linked to both temperature values.

    I don't believe either of these options would result in an error of that sort. If you get the same error, can you please contact mikebydhi@dhigroup.com with a screenshot and the logging?

    Three different temperatures will result in different steady-states of your system: what do you mean by "calibratin the parameters"? which parameters are you referring to?
  • Re: Difference betwwen (two) flow splitter and (two) fraction splitter?

    Flow splitters can be regarded as (ideal) [b]pumps[/b] whereas fraction splitters can be regarded as [b]valves[/b].
    True pump models (for centrifugal pumps) are associated with the "pump" block.
    An example of the use of a pump model was added to the latest release 2017.
  • Re: Removing analysis parameters

    Same goes for the Simulation Properties: both Simulation- and Analysis Properties are experiment-specific.
    For instance, the steady-state simulation may use a certain integrator while the dynamic simulation another one; output channels may be on in one and off in the other experiment, or use different communication intervals; and so on ...
    The steady-state simulation may compute objectives different than those of the dynamic simulation.

    And yes, the selection of the current experiment is done through the Control Center.
  • Re: Thermophilic operation

    To my knowledge, it's never been tested / calibrated in that temperature range: I assume the current default values for the parameters are reliable for the mesophilic range only.
  • Re: Settling/Sedimentation modelling approach?

    In the Models Guide - which you can access via the Home / Help / "?" menu of WEST.
    Or, if you are located in an existing WEST layout, you can select a block (in this case a primary or secondary settling tank) and hit the "F1" key: this will take you directly to the description of the selected model.
  • Re: RWQM1 in WEST 2016

    Most likely not (= overlooking).
    Have you looked into 2017? there are 2 Instances (IUWS1 and IUWS2) respectively using a 'RM1' and 'RM2' - I assume one of the two is the one you're looking for.
  • Re: ERROR: I/O exception reading XML documents

    Are you sure you have defined that OBJ [b]in the scope of[/b] your (new - if I recall well) Instance?
    I mean: that OBJ may already exist in the standard library (I am not sure), but if it does it will in the scope of the ASM1Temp Instance.

    If you're now using a new Instance, you'll need to extend the #define statement in which the OBJ is defined, to include the new Instance as well.

    When you select a non-default CategoryRef (as the output type) in the Influent wizard, you are selecting a 'secondary' CategoryRef - but the Instance is the same: so make sure you've added a #define for the Instance (and not for the Category by any chance?)
  • Re: ERROR: I/O exception reading XML documents

    The error means that the OBJ ADM1OutWWTPConcTerminal is used but not defined - at least in the scope of the Instance in use.