• Re: Saltwater intrusion

    Short answer; no, you can't (at least not easily).

    Long answer; you need to try and program it yourself via the IFM plugins or try to get this plug-in working properly (which is not simple).

  • Least-Squares Upwinding disabled on v7.2?


    The option to use LS upwinding in v7.2 appears to be greyed out.

    The problem is a vertical unconfined 2D aquifer with mass transport simulation.

    How can I re-enable that option?
  • Re: IFM Python update to 3.7


    Time to see what my licence lets me update to...!
  • Re: IFM Python update to 3.7

    Marvelous, thanks Peter.

    Any timeframe on the 7.2 release? :P
  • IFM Python update to 3.7

    Python 2.7 is rapidly becoming disused by the greater programming community.

    Are there plans to update the IFM to a later version of python, and when might this update be available?
  • Re: Heads BC as Paramter

    I'd like to know as well. I'm surprised it's not already a feature.
  • Re: Example for the 'VaryingSaltwaterHead' plugin

    Thanks Peter. I did get to the User Data part, but didn't manage to get any further.

    I'll try again soon and perhaps write a small tutorial, or something similar!
  • Example for the 'VaryingSaltwaterHead' plugin

    I'm clearly missing something with regards to using plugins.

    I'd just like to set the Saltwater Head boundary to a time-varying condition. The plug-in instructions are quoted below.

    [quote]This plug-in sets equivalent freshwater head boundary conditions based on time series for the saltwater head. It assumes that the concentration at the boundary is the maximum concentration Cs.

    In a nodal reference distribution "VaryingSaltwaterHead" set:

    all nodes without saltwater bc to be set via the plug-in: value <=0
    all nodes with saltwater bc: value = time-series id for time-series containing saltwater head curve
    The plug-in modifies the boundary conditions before each time step as follows:

    Saltwater head >= elevation: freshwater head = saltwater head + density ratio * (saltwater head - elevation)
    (density ratio is average of all elements surrounding the node)
    Saltwater head < elevation: seepage face bc (h = elevation, minQ = 0)[/quote]

    My questions are:
    1. What is a 'nodal reference distribution' and how does one 'set' it
    2. Can anyone supply an example where this plugin has worked?

    Also would like to know...!
  • FEFLOW Online Help - Column Binding Page is Missing

    As per title, column binding page is absent from online help repository.

    Following link from this page:

    To get to this page:

    [quote]Results in:
    Not Found
    The requested document was not found on this server.

    Web Server at @domain_name@ [/quote]