Hey guys, I am new to this forum, so I hope I am using it the correct way.
I tried to find a solution to my problem in this forum (checked if somebody has already had the same issue) but I couldn't find anything.

So here's my problem: I am importing a city's network to Mike+ from Excel files.
I have a file containing Nodes, another one containing the pipes (connections). All my nodes have coordinates, the pipes don't, their geometry is just given with "from node" "to node".
I have way more nodes than pipes, some nodes represent the side inflow from a house, which we won't address in the simulation.
I have for example nodes A, B, C and a pipe linking A to B. Node C is located exactly on the segment connecting A and B. Instead of creating the connection A-B, with the known FID imported from the Excel file, Mike+ is creating connection A-C and C-B and giving them 'Link_1' and 'Link_2' as FID.

Does anyone knows why this is happening and how I could solve it?
Thanks for your replies!

Cheers Sebastiano
Release 2021 Update 1