• Lower Level

    What does lower level represent in the real world.  Simulating saturated zone, we need to provide a dfs2 file for lower level. What is this lower level? Is this the level of water table? Or the level of impervious layer of the aquifer. In Karup exercises its value varies from -56 to +56 which doesn’t fit to above to cases. What is your understanding of this. I tried to understand it from MIKE She user guide version 1 and 2 also from literature but couldn. Please let me know how can we get this from real world data.
  • error : unexpected exception occurred

    Hello. last night after running a simulation my MIKE + hanged a little and then after making some changes, i am getting bellow error message Error: Unexpected exception occurred. please see log file for details.  exception Message: object reference not set to an instance of an object. Although i have reversed the changes but  i am still getting above message.  kindly guide me how to solve this. Thanks allot.