• Interface to TECPLOT

    Has anyone ever used the -- Interface to TECPLOT -- IFM module?

    I've never loaded a module into FEFLOW before and it is a bit mysterious to me...

    This module was kindly provided to me by Dr. C. Braun  (http://www.wasy.de/english/products/feflow/referenzen/module/index.html) . The files I received from him were stored in a main folder (TecplotOut) containing two subfolders: Release and Debug. There is a .DLL file in each of the subfolders and the Imakefile, .CPP, .htlm and .txt  files are in the main folder.

    I've tried to load either of the .DLL files and obtained the same result. I followed these steps:

    1- In the IFM->CONFIGURE menu, under ADD MODULE, I picked one of the .DLL files.
    2- Then I went to the manage module part and loaded it...
    3- I finally go to RUN-> START SIMULATOR and the module starts to compile the TECPLOT .PLT file before I even run a simulation... when looking at this file, I notice that it isn't complete so I can't read into TECPLOT. Moreover, it is not ''refreshed'' after I actually RUN the model...

    Has anyone experienced this before? Does anyone understands where I made the big mistake? I really have no skills with the IFM modules so even pretty simple explanations might help...


  • Re: import hydraulic conductivity file?

    thanks to you, criga and karsten!
    unfortunately, since I can't program, I will simply do it the conventional way!!!
  • Re: import hydraulic conductivity file?

    Hey Thomas,

    the filters Karsten mentioned sound interesting. I've never really looked into those though (I guess I try to avoid Cygwin programs too much, haha). Alternatively, you could write your own IFM Data Importer. We do this quite a bit and it works fine. You need to write and compile the C/C++ code though.

    On the long run, it would certainly be nice if FeFlow had features like that incorporated into the User Interface.

    Cheers, Chris.
  • import hydraulic conductivity file?


    I know there is a way to export centre quantities through the Flow data -> Flow materials menu. I was wondering if I could modify the K values of this file and re-import them into feflow. This way, I could process without having to work in a layer by layer  fashion... This is simply because I have to do the job for a groudwater model with over 25 heterogeneous layers...