• Re: Lake on an island

    what do you mean by :
    "When I run the model to steady-state the hydraulic head is 36 m at an elevation of 63 m"
    if you're meaning that at an area which top surface is 63m a.s.l the groundwater level is 36m (i.e., 27m below surface) than yes, this is a fresh water head!

    by the way, it would be interesting to see the cross-section, if you can attach it to your next post.

  • Re: transform hydrauluc head

    the correction you need to apply is depend on the water (density) that are actuaaly occuping the volume of the well pipe.
    if the well "sample" only salt water of homogenous density it is easy to correct.
    if the well "sample" fresh water over salt water you  should correct only the salt water interval (i.e. from the interface to the well bottom).
    if there is other vertical distribution of salinity then consider integration.
    good luck!
  • Re: Dongle License Problem


    I never thought that changing the date by mistake could have such an impact on a software!
    All right then. I'll send you an mail for the program you mentionnned.

    By the way, I like the help you give through this forum. Really worths.

  • Dongle License Problem


    I've been working on FEFLOW for a couple months without any licence problem.

    However, today, when I started FEFLOW, the WASY License Management  popped up.

    When I hit the Connect button, I get the following message: ''No WASY license manager is running. Should the server be started?''

    I press the Yes button and finally I get this final message: ''The system date on the server (localhost) was set to the past!''

    Please help!!!!

  • Recharge Time-Series

    Hi All!
    i want to import to my model a time-series of recharge.
    what method should i use?

    i already have rain-stations in which the time-series are known.
    now i need to change the file format to one which FEFLOW can import.

    maybe there are another suggestions? what abou T-List? how should i use it?

  • cells dimensions


    I would like to know if there are rule of thumbs for cells and layers dimensions? More precisely:

    1- a horizontal to vertical dimension ratio?
    2- a minimum thickness for a layer?

    any references?

  • Re: Unsaturated flow - flow boundaries (flux)

    Boris -- is it one to two meters per layer, or one to two meters total domain height?

    In the first case, the vertical resolution would be almost certainly too coarse if you use any of the nonlinear pressure-saturation functions such as van Genuchten.

    In the second case, the resolution might be sufficient (~10 to 20 cm per layer) but we should still take a look at the parameters, especially the 'A' parameter if it's the van Genuchten model.

  • Re: Unsaturated flow - flow boundaries (flux)

    Hello Boris,

    A potential source of error for unsaturated models is insufficient vertical resolution. What are the approximate dimensions of your model domain; in particular, how many elements are available to resolve its vertical extent?


  • Re: vanishing plume

    Peter Schatzl: YOU solved my problem!
    Many many thanks!
  • vanishing plume

    Hi there,

    I'm modelling  Steady Mass Transport (in 3D) using 1st kind Mass Transport Boundaries as a source.

    To me, the expected result should be a plume moving downgradient from the source and ending at the lower head boundary, which is about 2 Km away from the source. This is supported by field observation on the plume shape. Actually, I've already modelled the same setting using FRAC3D and obtained such results.
    However, the plume modelled using FEFLOW doesn't reach the boundary of the model: it simply vanishes somewhere halfway to reach 0 mg/L. Could someone explain this to me?

    Here are some of the parameters I used in this model that might explain this behaviour:

    Saturated media
    Flow and mass transport (both are steady)
    Recharge (In(+)/Out(-) flow on top): 8.2 x10-4 m/d (300 mm/yr)
    Longitudinal dispersivity: 5m
    Transverse dispersivity: 0.5m
    Linear (std) dispersion
    Diffusion: 1x10-9 m2/s
    No decay or  Sorption

    Solver settings: Preconditionned restarted ORTHOMIN... (since the defaults would not work)