Why should I migrate from MIKE FLOOD to MIKE+?

MIKE FLOOD has been decommissioned from version 2024. Its functionality has already been replaced by MIKE+. The MIKE+ 2D Overland module combines decades of knowledge in developing 2D modelling software with the latest technologies to provide more intuitive and efficient workflows.

Why migrate to MIKE+ - key points:

#01 - Easier flood model setup
Stormwater networks and rivers are connected as ONE network and ONE simulation using the MIKE 1D engine which replaced the old MOUSE and MIKE 11 Classic engines. Thus, eliminating the need to set up and maintain MIKE URBAN and MIKE HYDRO River models and define couplings in MIKE FLOOD. 

#02 - More efficient handling of ‘big data’ and large models
In MIKE+, your data is stored in a fast SQL database (SQLite or PostgreSQL format).

#03 - Workflow improvements
Benefit from enhanced import/export functionalities, an improved map-based environment, a new Scenario Manager and GIS-based model building tools, a more flexible unit system, and the ability to view results inside the MIKE+ user interface.

#04 - ArcGIS integration
Enjoy access to the sophisticated spatial processing technology of ArcGIS for more efficient preparation of spatial data and analysis and visualisation of model outputs. 

#05 - Water quality modelling
Perform system-wide water quality evaluations covering both stormwater networks and receiving waters in 1D and 2D through the integration of the flexible MIKE ECO Lab framework.  

Note: If you’re an existing/old MIKE FLOOD user, you can benefit from a MIKE+ upgrade – please refer to your local DHI office for an offer.

Need more reasons to switch? Watch our recorded webinar, ‘MIKE+ Flooding - Migrating to 2D Overland’.



Training options
MIKE+ Collection Systems (CS) - Getting started with urban drainage modelling 
MIKE+ 2D Overland Flow – Getting started with urban flood modelling
MIKE+ Rivers - Getting started with river modelling


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