What does a "decommissioned product" mean to a user?

"Decommissioning a product" is a strategic approach for systematically retiring/merging legacy products - without compromising business needs or compliance requirements.
Most of the time, the legacy product will be replaced by an even better one and this is exactly what has happened to the MIKE products, for instance in Release 2024.

In release 2024, the decommissioned products included:  MIKE 11, MIKE FLOOD, MIKE HYDRO River (including MIKE11 Cross section Editor) and DHI Remote simulation.

The decommissioned product entry will be removed from the installation wizard and the product downloading page for version 2024.

For a client with a valid Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) access will still be available to these products as licensed mode in version 2023. The license in version 2024 (or later) is backwards compatible with the legacy products.

For instance, most of the features in MIKE HYDRO River and MIKE 11 are migrated into the MIKE+ interface.

In addition, although the MIKE 21 Classic Grid model has been decommissioned, its functionality is fully covered by MIKE 21 Flow Model FM (Flexible Mesh). It is, therefore, possible to load dfs2 files directly into MIKE 21 Flexible Mesh model (or the MIKE+ 2D overland module) and use such grid dfs2 files as the model domain, without having to perform any kind of conversion.

An overview of the migration process is given in Fig. 1 below. Feel free to explore the "Related Knowledge Base Articles" for more information regarding the migration processes.

Fig. 1 - History of features included in MIKE+


Manuals and User Guides

MIKE+ Guide to existing MIKE URBAN Users. Migration




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