What does MIKE Cloud Execution mean? How can I start using the MIKE Cloud Execution?  

MIKE Cloud Execution refers to a new MIKE Cloud service that provides instant access to high-end virtual computers to help deliver your projects faster and at a lower, predictable cost. So: MIKE Cloud Execution is a new feature allowing a desktop product customer to run models in the Cloud environment. 

Before launching the simulation, different options of Virtual Machine images on demand are provided.  Instead of setting up your own Cloud environment, you can access this function through the MIKE desktop product using the 'Credit Bundles'.

To obtain access to the MIKE Cloud Execution, a customer can purchase credits separately as ‘Credit Bundles’. The Credits expire 12 months after the purchase or by the allocation date.

Where to start?
You must sign into your MIKE Cloud account from the desktop product interface, eg MIKE ZERO, MIKE+ or FEFLOW. 

MIKE Zero as an example - steps

#01 - Use the 'sign on' button in the upper right corner of the MIKE ZERO interface - see Fig. 1

Fig. 1 - Sign in to MIKE Cloud

#02 - Launch 'Simulation launcher' - see Fig. 2

Fig. 2 - "Simulation launcher"

#03 Simulation launcher displays the available credits in your organization. To begin a new simulation as Cloud Execution, click ' New' - see Fig. 3

Fig. 3 - Click "Launch" to start a new simulation

#04 - Choose the virtual machine you wish to use from the drop-down Menu and the maximum simulation time after which the simulation will terminate.
This feature allows a customer to better control credit use and the associated cost.  Note the charge is differentiated depending on the number of cores and GPUs on the virtual machine.

 Fig. 4 - Choose Virtual machine and max simulation time

Now you are ready to start the Cloud Execution!


Manuals and Release Notes
MIKE Cloud Execution - How to get started

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