This is a list of MIKE 11 river model features that are not supported in MIKE+. Click on an item in the list below for further details. 

Simulation Editor
1.          Quasi-steady simulation mode
2.         ‘Add to hotstart file’ option
3.          Adaptive time step change ratio
4.          Tabulated time step type

Network Editor
1.          Regulating structures
2.          User defined structures
3.          Grid points

4.          Side Structure

Rainfall-Runoff Editor
1.          DRIFT runoff model

HD Parameters Editor
1.          Default values – parameters: Dh Node, Struc Fac, Node Compatibility
2.          User-defined markers
3.          Bed resistance – triple zones
4.          Encroachment

AD Parameters Editor
1.          Cohesive sediment
2.          Sediment layers
3.          Some AD additional output

ST Parameters Editor
1.          Initial dune dimensions
2.          Pre-set distribution of sediments in nodes

FF Parameters Editor
1.          Flood Forecasting Module excluded

Model Coupling
1.          MIKE SHE AD Components Coupling


Simulation Editor 

Unsupported Option 


1. Quasi-steady simulation mode.

Quasi-steady simulation mode is no longer supported.

2. ‘Add to hotstart file’.

'Add to hotstart file' is no longer available. However, multiple result files may be used as hotstart files in MIKE+.

3. Adaptive time step - change ratio.

'Change ratio' has been replaced by ‘Maximum increase factor’ in the MIKE+ Simulation Setup editor.

4. ‘Tabulated time step’ type.

The tabulated time step option is no longer supported in MIKE+. 


Network Editor

Unsupported Option


1. Regulating structures

Structure type applied where, for example, discharge through a dam is to be regulated as a function of the water level and the inflow into the reservoir.

This functionality is fully covered with MIKE+ Control structures and control rules.

2. User defined structures

Customized structures in MIKE11.


Not supported.

3. Grid points

The Grid Points page presented a list of computation points in the model and offered an option to limit the number of computational points saved in result files.


The grid points for which results are saved can be specified in Result specifications/Result files.


4. Side Structure (or Side Structure with Storage)

MIKE11 (and MIKE HYDRO River) had an option to set up a structure (weir, pump, gate, dambreak and direct discharge) as a ‘Side structure’. Side structures were actually considered not on the river but instead were taking water out of the river branch at the user-defined location. The engine internally generated an artificial side branch with a regular structure.

The ‘Side Structure with Storage’ is very similar to the ‘Side Structure’ option, but the difference is that the water conveyed out of the main river is not lost but ends up in a storage (level-area-volume relationship).
Many new users were confused about MIKE 11 Side structures. Therefore, this option was not implemented in MIKE+ and its functionality is replaced with a “Structure Link” type of River.

A user needs to manually add/connect a river on the side of the main river and then change its type from ‘Regular’ to ‘Structure Link’. Finally, a structure (e.g. culvert, weir, pump, etc) needs to be defined on the Structure link.


Rainfall-Runoff Editor

Unsupported Option


1. DRiFT model (Discharge River Forecast)

DRiFT is a semi-distributed rainfall-runoff model based on a morphological approach developed by by CIMA - Centro di ricerca Interuniver­sitario in Monitoraggio Ambientale - a research institution of the Universities of Genoa and Basilicata (Italy), in cooperation with ACROTEC S.r.l.

Not supported.

HD Parameters Editor

Unsupported Option


1. Default values: 

- Dh Node
Struc Fac
Node Compatibility

The ‘Dh Node’ and ‘Struc Fac’ parameters had been obsolete in later versions of MIKE 11, and the Node Compatibility switch had also become unnecessary as the alternative option (Energy Compatibility) was no longer available.

2. User-defined markers

The User Defined Markers page in MIKE 11 allowed the definition of special markers/points in the river network. These are defined by their location and top level and could be plotted in longitudinal profile in MIKE View.

This option has been included in Longitudinal Profiles Plot Labels in MIKE+. 


3. Bed resistance: Triple zone

The Triple Zone Approach offered a possibility to divide the river sections in three zones with different bed resistance values.

The Multiple Zones option offers any desired number of zones.

4. Encroachment

Not supported

5. Stratification

Not supported

AD Parameters Editor 

Unsupported Option


1. Cohesive sediment transport

Both Cohesive and Non-cohesive parameters are defined in 'Sediment transport'.

2. Sediment layers

Initial conditions for the sediment layers are defined on the Sediment Layers page.

Initial Conditions in MIKE+ are limited to AD Components and ST initial depths not to cohesive sediment layers.

3. Some AD additional output

Additional output items were specified in an AD parameters editor and an additional file ('ADAdd.res11') was generated.


The additional outputs are selected in Result specifications>Result files>AD Items dialog; it will not generate an additional result file, and the items will be stored in the main result file:


ST Parameters Editor

Unsupported Option


1. Initial dune dimensions

When using Engelund-Fredsoe transport model the dune height and length are computed when the calculation of bottom shear stress is included.

Not supported.

2. Pre-set distribution of sediments in nodes

MIKE 11 allows the addition and editing of a predefined sediment distribution in computation nodes. The default sediment distribution in a node is performed as a ratio of flow discharges in which outflow from the node in each branch is connected to the overall inflow of the considered node.

Not supported.

FF Parameters Editor

Unsupported Option


1. Flood Forecasting
An automatic update routine was included to minimize the deviation from the observed data in the MIKE 11 Flood Forecasting Module.

FF is excluded. Data Assimilation module should be used.

Model Coupling

Unsupported Option

1. MIKE SHE AD Components CouplingOnly hydrodynamic coupling to a MIKE SHE model is supported, and pollutant transport is yet to be supported.

MIKE 1D is the official engine supported for HD, AD and ST modules in MIKE+.  Some of the dialogs have been updated and many features are integrated in new dialogs. Please review the updated documentation for further information on the new workflows and features.

Also read MIKE HYDRO - Note to Existing MIKE 11 Users to learn more about the differences between MIKE 1D and MIKE 11 engines.


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