• Re: How to create time and space variable dfsu file (precipitation)?


    please use the [b]Time Series > Preprocessing Temporal Data[/b] - Tool from the MIKE ZERO - Toolbox.

    This tool takes as input a set of geo-referenced time series of the same scalar type e.g. rainfall, discharge, water level etc. and combines these into a area wide time series or a spatially and temporally varied data set.

  • Re: What type of outflow boundary condition should I use?


    there are some possibilities:

    Firstly: does your outflow occur mainly at the river channel ?

    If yes, you can manually calculate a q-H-relation with any 1D HN - software otherwise you can use the so called "Normalabfluss" (normal discharge) after GAUCKLER, MANNING, STRICKLER. This is usually a good assumption.

    If no: you should calibrate your outflow boundary due to observations like flooding areas oder other flood land marks.

    Generally: you should extend your model to the downstream so far that the downstream boundary does never effect the water levels in your area of interest. This could be very easily done with FM, because you can increase the element sizes off the AOI very strong and the extension of the model to the safe side dows not cost very many nodes and elements.

    With this approaches, a Q-h-relation is in my opinion the best controllable and most stable boundary condition.
    You define the Q-h-relation as rating curve. You will find the explanation in the MIKE21FM documentation.

    Hope that helps,
  • Re: Batch export results (dfs2) to raster (*.asc)

    Hi Timotej,

    you can directly use the MIKEZERO Tool MIKE2GRD from the Toolbox.
    You can define several Setups and run them all at once.

    You can even define the setup once exemplarily and save it and adapt it to several files in an ASCII - Editor. When finished, you can load your Setup to the Toolbox and run it.

  • Re: defining boundary conditions

    Which MIKE21 do you use ?

    MIKE21 Grid or Flexible mesh?

    In the grid Version, boundaries can only be defined on the border cells of your grid. That means, that at lieast one boudary part of the defined model must not be defined as land value.

    In the Flexible Mesh you define your boundaries by means of code values. You can open your mesh - File in the data Manager and define different code values. Those code values are then accessible in the boundary section of the MIKE21.

    Bests Christian
  • Re: Illegal storage access

    Did you resolve the error?

    bests Christian
  • Re: triangulation failed


    do you have crossing arcs in your Arcs - File ?
    Another reason could be nests of nodes / vertices very close together.

    Please try to clean your arcs and redistribute vertices.

    Bests Christian

  • Re: Modeling unsaturated zone_Van genuchten parameters

    Twarakavi did a statistical analysis over several thousands of probes, determined 12 classes of soils and their van Genughten parameters. He did also an uncertaintay Analysis for that.

    The publication is:
    Can texture-based classification optimally classifiy soils with resprect to soil hydraulics?
    Navin C. Twarakavi
    Water resources Research, Vol. 46.

    Very helpful because he gives ranges of soil Parameters.

  • Re: MIKE21 FM rain on grid


    do you use the "Advanced Flood and Dry (Floodplain)" - Option ?
    If not that could stabilize your problem.

  • Re: Query about precipitation Input in MIKE 21 FM


    yes, MIKE21FM is able to handle flow induced by strong precipitation.
    With MIKE2014 SP3 an new type "Advanced Flood and Dry (floodplain)" in the Flood and Dry - menupoint is included.

    For modelling the surface run off please use that option. That option makes the model quite stable and is especially developped for supporting low water depths and high flow velocities.

    Bests Christian

  • Re: Froude Number


    it's hard for us to decide from that point what the reasons for the differences between MIKE11 and HEC-RAS are.
    Please send the problem to our software support: MIKEBYDHI@dhigroup.com

    They will care about. I know both software packages very well and I know, that both software packages have plenty of parameters that can influence the resulting flow parameters extremely.

    Bests Christian