• Re: Drawdown in Multilayer well

    Have you made sure that all the assumptions for Theis' solution to be valid are met, e.g., confined conditions, infinite lateral extent, fully penetrating well etc.?

  • Re: Export of Flow-Rate and Flow-Volume Data

    Hello Mark,

    In FEFLOW 6.2, exporting the values of the current time step is possible by right-clicking into the panels and selecting 'Export Current Values'. Results of a specific time period (both flow rate and flow volume) can be exported using the check box in the Flow-Volume panel.

    Best regards,
  • Re: FEFLOW 6.2 background map comes to front

    Hello Quinn,

    you can change the opacity of a raster image in the Properties panel of the map. To access the panel, double-click on the name of the map in the View Components panel, then reduce the opacity and click on Apply.
    Alternatively, you can change the order of maps by drag & drop. The drawing order of maps in FEFLOW 6.2 has changed as the Maps and also the View Components panel now offer much more flexibility related to the grouping of maps.

    Best regards,
  • Re: Smooth Mesh - Everything Disappears 6.2 p1

    Hi Thomas,

    thank you for reporting this issue. I have run several tests with different models but was not able to reproduce this behavior. If possible could you send us the file that the problem occurred with to mikebydhi.de@dhigroup.com so that we can have a look at what might be causing this issue?

    Thank you and best regards,
  • Re: Non-vertical prisms in Feflow 6.2

    Hi Eduardo,

    unfortunately, this feature did not make it into version 6.2 as too many GUI changes were required. We might possibly provide this option in FEFLOW 6.3, but no final decision has been taken so far.

    Best regards,
  • Re: Discrete features disspaear

    Hello D,

    Patch 9 of FEFLOW 6.1 contained a bug related to discrete features: Some mesh operations such as refinement, flip edge, or adding and removing slices led to a deletion of discrete features.

    Could you please check in Help > About which patch you are working with? The current patch level is 11, so if you work with an older version, please click on 'Check for updates' in the same dialog to download the latest FEFLOW patch.


  • FePEST - a convenient graphical user interface for using PEST with FEFLOW models

    FePEST - a convenient graphical user interface for using PEST by John Doherty with FEFLOW models - is now included with every FEFLOW license.

    With FePEST it is possible to use a range of PEST functionality without the need to learn the syntax of PEST's command lines and configuration files and to manually adapt FEFLOW's model files for usage in PEST. Its advantages include graphical support during the setup process and immediate graphical feedback on the simulation progress.

    The range of supported PEST features in FePEST which is part of FEFLOW version 6.2 includes:

    • Model calibration (including regularization and pilot-point parametrization)
    • Subspace methods
    • Parallel execution (locally and/or using remote servers, incl. file transfer)
    • Linear sensitivity analysis
    • Predictive analysis (worst-/best-case scenarios)
  • Re: observation points

    Hello Awan,

    you can edit observation point properties manually via the Observation-point properties editor in the Observation Point toolbar or you can convert map data into observation points with reference data and confidence intervals.
    For a detailed description of both options, please have a look at the FEFLOW help system > Workflows > Postprocessing > Calibration Reference.
  • Re: what should i do? warning is "Reference distribution BHE-dT and BHE-dp not defi

    This message shows if the nodal distributions that the plug-in BHELoop expects are not defined. If you work with FEFLOW 6.1, this plug-in is actually not necessary as FEFLOW itself provides the plug-in's functionality. In older FEFLOW versions this plug-in was required if you wanted to prescribe a temperature difference between BHE inlet and outlet but in the current version you simply use the BHE boundary condition and the options "Temperature difference" and "Power difference".
  • Re: plug-in panel broken?? where can I find available plug-in list?

    You can collapse and expand both the "Available plug-ins" and the "Attached plug-ins" parts of the panel. If you only see one of them, the other part is collapsed. To expand the "Available plug-ins" section again, move the mouse cursor close to the lower end of the panel, click and then drag the section open by moving upwards.