• RE: Writing sqlite database for tables with coordinates

    Hi, geometry data in the .sqlite database are stored with the SpatiaLite format. Note that a MIKE+Py package is now available for editing the MIKE+ database using Python, which will probably be helpful: DHI/mikepluspy: MIKE+Py is the official python interface for MIKE+ (github.com) [https://github.com/DHI/mikepluspy]
  • RE: Profile plot data export

    Hi, this has been added in one of the past versions of MIKE+, from the context menu: right-click on your profile plot and you will get an option to export data to a .csv file.
  • RE: Error: (HD_ERR_WLAboveMaxOnXS)

    Hi, This abnormal water depth detection is based on a ratio between the computed water depth and the cross sections' depth. If you have reduced the cross section's height, then this ratio becomes larger and then it's even more likely to get this error. In some special cases with shallow cross sections and under drowned conditions, it can be expected that the computed water depth will be significantly higher than the cross section's height. In that case the solution is to allow a larger ratio than 1. This is controlled in the 'MIKE 1D engine configuration' window. Note that your error appears in the first time steps of the simulation, so it can also be due to an instability, being the consequence of a significant discrepancy between initial conditions and boundary conditions (e.g. when applying a large discharge as boundary condition at the first time step, in an initially dry river).
  • RE: Multiline Labeling Error

    Hi, This is a defect in the version you are using, and a hotfix for this problem has just been released. You can download it from here: DHI (mikepoweredbydhi.com) [https://www.mikepoweredbydhi.com/download/hotfixes-2023-update-1/mike-plus-hotfix-13-10-2023?ref=%7b0699E7BA-BF7F-4E51-AE41-6E9F369ACC48%7d] Best regards, Mathieu Hellegouarch
  • RE: Saving Settings for Profile Plots

    Hi, From the 'Properties' window in the profile plot, you can use the 'Set as default' button so that your custom settings become the new default settings, for future plots created in the current model setup. In the same place, you can alternatively use the 'Save to file' and 'Load from file' buttons, to export the settings to a simple file which can be loaded in other model setups. Best regards, Mathieu Hellegouarch
  • Re: River tracing and catchment delineation

    The 'Add delineate' tool will add only 1 catchment per click on the map. So if you want to create two catchements you indeed have to reproduce the step twice: once per catchment.

    If your goal is to create one catchment on two different rivers, upstream their meeting point, then you should add one catchement on each river, just upstream the meeting point of the rivers.

    Best regards,
  • Re: Rainfall-Runoff modeling for flood forecast using NAM of Mike Hydro basin


    Generally speaking, you could re-use the same parameters in MIKE HYDRO as in MIKE 11.

    In MIKE 11, you can run your simulations with 2 simulation engines: 'MIKE 11 Classic' and the new 'MIKE 1D' engine. MIKE HYDRO River uses only the MIKE 1D engine.
    So, if you were using the MIKE 1D engine in MIKE 11, then it's strictly the same engine which is used to compute results in MIKE HYDRO, so it's expected that you'll get strictly the same results.
    On the opposite, if you previously used the 'MIKE 11 Classic' engine in MIKE 11, there could be some details which are implemented in a slightly different manner in MIKE 1D, so in this case there could be some differences in the results, and a new calibration from MIKE HYDRO would be useful. But it's likely that in many cases the differences will be very small.

  • Re: Rainfall-Runoff modeling for flood forecast using NAM of Mike Hydro basin


    Yes, it is the same NAM in MIKE 11, even though it is shown in a different graphical interface.

    You can have a look at the MIKE HYDRO Basin manual here:
    It contains a simple tutorial, and also contains the detailed descriptions of the various NAM pages.

  • Re: Outlet Direction In Mike 21 Flow Model Setup


    Yes, the direction is measured clockwise from true North.

    For sources, the water is added as a water volume in the mesh element, for each time step (if the source has a negative discharge, then it's removed).

  • Re: MIKE21 HD FM

    Hi Felipe,

    I think there could be different reasons to this problem.

    First, do you display the scatter points on the map? If not, you should check that they're correctly located (there could be a problem in case you have specified a wrong coordinates system for the scatter points)

    If that's not the problem, I would try to simplify the mesh generation, with:
    - only a constant mesh resolution, with no buildings or islands excluded
    - Use only 1 scatter data file.
    Check if it works in this case. If it does, then you can introduce complexity step by step (add additional scatter data files, then add new polygons with local mesh resolution, etc.), and after each step make sure you can still perform the interpolation. That will help identifying which polygon used in the mesh generation, or which scatter data file, is causing the problem. Then it's easier to investigate further.

    Best regards,