• Re: # of links connected to each node

    As far as I know, all the fields showing "-" are computed on the fly, based on the topology built by MIKE URBAN. Hence I don't think there is any field in the database populated with the number of links connected.

    This is similar to "From node" and "To node", which are not stored in the database. (However the error checking tool will append static fields with this information.)
  • Re: Create New Project

    There is no way within MIKE URBAN, but:

    [b](1)[/b] Create your project in MIKE URBAN without defining a coordinate system. Close the project.

    [b](2)[/b] Start ArcCatalog, find the MIKE URBAN-Database, open the tree (with the + sign) and find the feature-dataset "mu_Geometry".

    [b](3)[/b] Right-click and open the properties. The second tab shows the coordinate system. Here you can select or import a coordinate system.

    No 100% guarantee, but I think this should do the trick.
  • Re: Dealing with Selection

    Hm, sounds like a software issue, and then it ought to be registered and solved! Have you contacted MIKE by DHI support?
  • Re: Create New Project

    This was an issue in MIKE URBAN 2011. I think it was solved in version 2012. It's definitely no problem in version 2014.

    Are you using version 2011?
  • Re: Dealing with Selection

    If the GUI of MIKE URBAN doesn't work, you may try to edit the selection file *.mus in a text editor. The *.mus is essentially a list of MUIDs, with additional headers for the type of model element. For a reasonable number of elements, search and delete should be fast enough. To finish you load the modified *.mus.
  • Re: Runoff generation using dsf2 files

    The first of the [url=http://www.mikebydhi.com/Download/DocumentsAndTools/Tools/CityTools.aspx]City Tools[/url]  is the [i]MIKE URBAN 2012 Weather Radar Tool[/i]. I've never used it, and a quick download reveals that there is no documentation included in the zip.

    But have a try. If the tool doesn't work for you (you can't install, it doesn't read dfs2, whatever) I'm confident that we can find somebody at DHI who knows more about it and who may tweak the tool into your direction.

  • Re: Export pipes to dwg

    As a matter of fact the dwg exported from ArcMap contains attribute data in form of Xrecords...


    ...which have been a standard feature of dwg-files for a long time, but only accessible to developers.

    ESRI offers a free plug-in for AutoCAD called ArcGIS for AutoCAD...


    ...which allows you to use those Xrecords within AutoCAD to change your symbology. I don't use AutoCAD myself, so I can't give you any personal opinion about the performance of the plug-in.

  • Re: Flow split

    As a quick answer, I would assume that you could replace the two outgoing links by two pump functions. If you use a Q-H curve, the pump capacity is only dependent on the water level in the node, which is the same for both pumps.

    Of course you have to think about a reasonable pump capacity curve, but as the whole approach sounds rather conceptual, this shouldn't be a big problem.
  • Re: Number of barrels(pipes)

    If you are using the SWMM5 engine you'll find a field "Barrels" in the "Couduits" editor.

    If you are using the MOUSE engine, I don't think there is a similar way of modelling more than one pipe. You'll probably have to draw one pipe beside the other. The good thing is that you can offset them visually by using vertices, even if as they have the same from node and to node.
  • Re: CRS Processed Data export?

    Have a look into table "m_CFGProcessData". It seems as if the table gets populated whenever you press "Proc. Data".