• Why vertical hydraulic conductivity is always 10 to 100 fraction of Kx?

    I'm developing a groundwater flow model in feflow and when I assigned vertical hydraulic conductivity as 0.1 times of Kx my model becomes too slow. i have given pumping wells at various depth and the area consist of both sedimentary and weather hard rock formation with one boundary as coastal region. I assume that when vertical conductivity is low, some pumping wells get dry since recharged water is not reaching at bottom of aquifer due to low vertical conductivity. Is it possible to assign Kx,y,z as same conductivity?. looking for some suggestions and help. Thank you
  • How can i do random selection of nodes or elements in a slice?

    How can I do a random selection of nodes or elements in a slice? such as with equal distance but random
  • Re: transient modelling with recharge monthly data

    i want to add daily recharge data for the model more than 20 years. but shapefile only support 200 somthing timesteps. any other way?
  • determining inflow of water in to model

    im working on 3d coastal aquifer flow model. eastern part of model boundary is constant. north and south is no flow. west is variable boundary condition.
    which boundary type will be better to use in western boundary, ie, neumann or fluid transfer. only data i have is water level  near to that boundary which are inside and outside domain. anyone please help to  detemine how to calculate flux for neumann. or in case of fluid transfer condition, can i use use near by well data as reference head ? if so wat should be in/out transfer rate in material proprty?
  • Re: Saltwater !!

    Thank you :)
  • Re: Saltwater intrusion

    please answer for above question
  • Re: Saltwater !!

    u r welcome  :)
    is there any formula to calculate equivalent fresh water head?
    for example my initial sea level is 0m, then it increase at the rate of 3mm per year. so i can put it directly as time series ryt?
  • Re: Saltwater !!

    i want to understand saltwater intrusion by sealevel rise. for that i need to put seawater head boundary as transient ryt. but there is no option to add time series for seawater boundary in editor. wat should i do?
  • Re: Saltwater !!

    im sorry,  because capslock was on and noticed it only after typing a little bit. actually it was not in a rude way. i was just lazy to type it again. once again im so sorry :-\
  • Re: Saltwater !!

    Where can i find detailed steps to do seawater intrusion model. Is there any tutorial for that? If i have a 3d flow model in a coastal regions wat and all parameters should i add to find sea water intrusion . How its calibration is done etc