• Apply MUP settings to an updated mdb file

    Hi there,

    Can anyone advise if (/how) it is possible to "recycle" the symbology saved in an *.MUP to a mdb which is not the one the *mup was originally generated from? The 2x mdb are however pretty similar, only a few pipe/node/structures have been deleted/inserted in between.

  • Re: Result File Save Location

    Hi there,
    I was looking for an answer to this question today, was anyone lucky at finding how to save the MIKEURBAN result file in a different folder location in the last 2 years?
    I tried the suggestion of using a relative path in the simulation box but it did not work.
    Thanks for your help,
  • Mike11 Bridge with multiple piers

    Hi there,
    I'd like to incorporate a bridge with multiple piers into a Mike11 model (v2014). From the manual I can see that the method are limited to Nagler or Yarnell (with D'Aubuisson requiring an add-on), is that right? I also understand that the piers geometry does not need to be specified, but only parameter to account for the losses, however I can't find many documentation on which parameter to use. Does anyone have a previous experience to share?
    I couldn't find any example in the DHI defaults example either, which is a bit of a shame.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Re: Fatal Error in Mike 3: Combined sigma and z-level

    I'd be interested to know if you fixed your "AllocateVecR" issue?
    I'm running a MikeFlood model (MU, M11,M21) and I have a "AllocateVecI : Vector size must be positive" fatal error, and I have no idea where it is coming from...
  • Re: AUto-Generate cross section tool in Mike Hydro

    Hi again,

    I think I've figured out that one extra (dummy) point was created at the junction between the branch and the cross section (imagining a line joining the cross section point was created), even though there were no point in the point dataset. There doesn't seem to be any logic behind the dummy point elevation (only between the 2 adjacents surveyed points).

    Does anyone know a way to force the bank marker 2 (and 1 and 3) to follow an alignment (which is different to the river branch alignment) in Mike Hydro?

    Thanks for your feedback!
  • AUto-Generate cross section tool in Mike Hydro


    I've used the tool "auto generate cross section" tool in Mike Hydro using a single Mike 11 branch imported from shp file and a cross section data set imported from shp file as well. Each (X,Y) in the cross section file has the cross section ID associated with that as I believe a text string (example"XS 1333")

    I see in the xns file generated that the number of points associated to each cross section is different from my raw data (usually 1 extra point), which makes the generated cross section looking different to the raw data as I see it in Excel.

    That makes the all process almost useless if I have to manually check and modify every single cross section...- has anyone come across that in the past?

  • Re: GPU Enabled MIKE 21 FMHD


    The single calculation can also be selected within Mike Zero by going to File/Option/User settings, then go to the Simulation Setting tab.
    That’s where the Single Precision calculation is ticked (single precision) or unticked (double precision).

  • blockage of a culvert


    I'd like to run a model to asses the blockage of a culvert.

    I am thinking to add a short culvert (length#0.2m) immediately upstream my culvert  (#0.5m) which would have only half or a third of my culvert dimension. 

    Does any of you have already implemented a blockage in a culvert in another way?

    Thanks for any thoughts,