Posted Tue, 07 Jul 2015 22:50:40 GMT by Clemence Rolin Hydraulic Modeller

I've used the tool "auto generate cross section" tool in Mike Hydro using a single Mike 11 branch imported from shp file and a cross section data set imported from shp file as well. Each (X,Y) in the cross section file has the cross section ID associated with that as I believe a text string (example"XS 1333")

I see in the xns file generated that the number of points associated to each cross section is different from my raw data (usually 1 extra point), which makes the generated cross section looking different to the raw data as I see it in Excel.

That makes the all process almost useless if I have to manually check and modify every single cross section...- has anyone come across that in the past?

Posted Wed, 08 Jul 2015 00:01:05 GMT by Clemence Rolin Hydraulic Modeller
Hi again,

I think I've figured out that one extra (dummy) point was created at the junction between the branch and the cross section (imagining a line joining the cross section point was created), even though there were no point in the point dataset. There doesn't seem to be any logic behind the dummy point elevation (only between the 2 adjacents surveyed points).

Does anyone know a way to force the bank marker 2 (and 1 and 3) to follow an alignment (which is different to the river branch alignment) in Mike Hydro?

Thanks for your feedback!
Posted Sat, 11 Jul 2015 17:20:19 GMT by Ricardo Machado Student
Hello Nilor,

To answer your last question, you can go to Tools->Trim or extend cross sections and use that to set the left and right alignment markers automatically from a alignment line shape file or marker field.

Best regards,
Ricardo Machado

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