• Re: Question about format in plots

    Thanks Enrico. Good advice (in fact, I had already realize it reading it in your interesing "WEST_Getting_Started" manual), but it seems that I am lost in somewhere else, because if I simply add the new represented variable (“AnoxicTank.C(S_NO)”) in the project placed in the Tutorial as Two ASU_PE (in the "Data Fit" plot),  despite it is a "line" plot, the result is the same....point+line. Sorry for the re-answer....
  • Question about format in plots

    Hi Enrico and Fabio,

    I would like to create a plot in the Parameter Estimation Experiment, and I am not able to modify the default type of representation of the represented variable (“AnoxicTank.C(S_NO)”) as a “point”, and not a mixture of “point+line” (without line). I have tried with the different format options of the serie and plot, but I am not able to modify the format to a single point.


  • Re: Modelling the (inhibitory) effect of salt on activated sludge processes

    Hi Enrico,

    I was checking the forum about any answer about how to consider salinity in WEST, and I have found this former topic. The only way to do it that I can imagine is, if there is information enough to do it (influent-effluent-operation data), to calibrate the model, but it implies time and information, and usually both are not available. Have you found any new solution to consider the inhibition of the salinity?

    Thank you!


  • Difference between the versions "FEFLOW Essential" and "Professional licence"


    Please, could anyone explain the difference between the versions "FEFLOW Essential" and "Professional licence"?
    On the DHI website it is indicated that the difference is in the "limited" or "unlimited" number of simulations, but I don't understand exactly what does it mean.
    I try to explain myself: if I want to build an aquifer model, once I have built the mesh, geometry, introduced the hydraulic parameters, etc., if I run the model, with the  "Essential" version, could I not calibrate the model and launch others runs or make modifications in the mesh?

    Thanks in advance

  • Re: C,N,P removal and Digester


    With WEST 2017 version and its Service Pack 1, it is possible to combine ADM1 with ASM2d (see the attached image, or the next link):


  • Re: Chemical phosphorus removal

    Thanks Enrico. Very useful your answer and quick as lightning!
  • Chemical phosphorus removal

    Hi Enrico,

    A question about chemical phosphorus removal. In case that the chemical phosphorus removal takes place in a primary settling (before de biological reactor), the alum o iron block can be disposed in the model before the primary settler? My doubt appears in the fact that maybe WEST needs the existence of a biological reactor to activate the precipitation and redissolution processes of the ASM2d….  and with a primary settler block those reactions do not take place. If so, what would you recommend? Maybe to install an ASU block with a negligible volume just before the primary settler block?

    Thanks indeed!
  • Re: Influent "Custom" ASM2d in WEST 2017

    Absolutely right and easy!

    Thanks Enrico.
  • Influent "Custom" ASM2d in WEST 2017

    Hi Enrico,

    I have just used in WEST 2017 the option “Custom” to introduce the influent with the ASM2dModTem model. However, the required components are COD, SST, NTK and Water, but the TP does not appear. As you can see in the attached images (fractionation and data import), the software identifies the conflict with the missing parameter of the TP, but finally does not let me to relate it in the Time Series Out.

    Any advice?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Re: ASM1_AN (Anammox)

    WEST 2017