• Water balance for multilayer wells

    Is there a way to track the actual pumping rate of a multilayer well during a simulation? I have a model of a construction site undergoing dewatering, and I want to see if the dewatering well turns off as the water level decreases. If you had a well boundary condition at the node, you can track the fluid rate budget during the simulation (using budget history charting). Can you do something similar for multilayer wells?
  • Re: Export 2D Mass concentration to VTK

    We'd like to use Paraview more to plot Feflow model properties and results. We have tried with one model and we can see advantages in doing so. Has there been any update to whether scalar or vector data from Feflow can be written to *.vtu or *.vtk format?

    Also, for model results like water levels, is the only way to export them from Feflow to Paraview is to export it as ascii (xyz) data?