• extraction of simulation results versus reference value on a table


    I try to have a systematical approach on the different simulations I made.
    I wonder if it is possible to extract from hydraulic head scatter points chart a table with the different values (X,T,Z; reference value; simulated value; name of point "caption").
    Thank you for your help

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  • Re: Hydraulic head - potential-difference - two aquiferes

    hi Pieter,

    I am interested by this topic.
    I often make calculation depending on value of different slices.
    I usually do it through arcGIS but I could save a lot of time  if I could do it direction in FeFlow.
    In expression editor, I didn't see any acces to paramters to other slices and I understood that calculation can be done only parameters from the same slice.
    Could you tell me more about it please
  • Re: Gas exsolution

    Or any suggestion of expression based on pressure.
    Storativity can be modified by gas exsolution linked to pressure ([i]effect of natural gas exsolution on specific storage in confined aquifer underdoing water level decline, Richard M. Yager & Johm C. Fountain, Groundwater - July August 2001[/i])
    Is it possible to modify materials properties such specific storativity during a simulation like a time series dependance but not pre calculated by the hydrogeologist?
    Thank you for your advices
  • Gas exsolution

    Hello guys,

    Is there any existing plug in to simulate gas exsolution in confined aquifer satured in methane?
  • Re: Coupling Feflow and Phreeqc

    Pieter, soon = ?
    It would be very useful!
    I tried the IFM lake but I am not sure that it works. Is there a problem with FeFlow 6.2?