• Re: About Model NAM

    the answer is yes. The model can be run with a short simulation period.
  • About Model NAM

    Hello everyone,
    i am wondering if the model NAM could be run with "autocalibration" for 1 single storm event or the simulation period must be at least 1year.
    thank you
  • Re: Rainfall-Runoff modeling for flood forecast using NAM of Mike Hydro basin

    Hi Mathieu,
    thank you for your answer.
    Actually i just realized that NAM is the same. It is implemented in many different modules so that its outputs could be directly used as inputs of these modules (for instance : NAM discharge series could be the input of the stream network on mike 11) and the same as in mike-hydro.
    NAM could also be run independently if we are only interested in the hydrological modeling.

    So now i got a new question : If i will be using mike-hydro to manage the water resource/plants in my catchment and at the same time i want to use the hydrological model NAM. should I obligatory do the calibration of the model using the interface of mike-hydro or just introduce the adjusted parameters (eventually obtained for mike 11 for example)? if you have any clues.

    Thank you
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  • Rainfall-Runoff modeling for flood forecast using NAM of Mike Hydro basin

    Hey there,
    I will use the hydrological model NAM (in MIKE Hydro basin) and i couldn't find a tutorial which explains the steps to follow to have a complete model. On the other hand, i found many tutorials about NAM of mike 11.. I still didn't download the software so i am wondering if it is the same.
    So is there any tutorial explaining the steps to build a model on NAM of mike hydro? Any type of tutorials might help ( text, videos...)
    Thank you  :)