• Re: problem with hydraulic head

    Yes Sir i do checked the budget. the difference between dirichlets BC is small and between neumanns boundary is more comparitively. This is a problem in that case?? Because the recharge has been assigned reasonably.

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  • problem with hydraulic head

    Hi, I am using Feflow6.0. My area has two aquifers(confined and unconfined). I have divided into 5 layers based on lithology and alloted necessary parameters , initial head etc. But after simulating the first slice alone is not responding. The hydaulic head value and elevation goes to very very high values. I dont know why this happens. I get high peaks in the first slice which makes the entire model wrong. I checked my boundary conditions too. it been given correct.

    Kindly help me
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  • feflow 6-steady state

    i am using feflow 6.0. i have assigned the necessary parameters for steady state. But if i run it in steady state condition the hydraulic head values changes to the boundary condition values. Though i change the conductivity values i couldn't see any variations in the output. Kindly suggest me an idea to overcome this issue.

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  • Re: flow-hydraulic head

    I am using feflow 6.0 version, and created a 3d model with different layers. In that unconfined aquifer is present in the 1st layer and confined aquifer is present in the 3rd layer. i have also created .trp files for hydraulic head seperately for each aquifer. if i assign it, the layers are  showing different hydraulic head values in 3d view.

    kindly help me.
  • flow-hydraulic head

    how to assign different hydraulic head values for two aquifers (ie. unconfined and confined) that is present in the same model. i have assigned .trp file for unconfined and confined layers seperately, but the hydraulic head is taken as average in the model. its not taken into consideration.

    Kindly help me.
  • feflow 6.0

    I am going to run the model in the transient state condition. the time series block is not seen in the data input to assign the inflow/outflow material property. Time series is already prepared . How to assign the prepared time series for the inflow/outflow material property in the feflow 6.0??
  • feflow 2d vertical model

    Once I run the model, the hydraulic head values reduces and it goes below the hydraulic head boundary conditions values. why this happens??
    the flow properties are given in a correct manner.
  • feflow 2d model

    how to draw the water table in hydraulic head block in the 2d unconfined model ?
  • feflow

    how to draw a 2D model representing different geologic layers in colours using feflow