• when use 3D mesh smoothing

    I am working on a new model and I need to smooth the mesh. I tried 3D Mesh option (I am working with FEFLOW 7.0) but it does not seem to work.
    My model is a 3d model with a triangular elements mesh.
    When shoud we use this option?

  • inoput of recharge time series shapefiles

    I need to introduce recharge series into FEFLOW but my recharge is, naturally, changing along the area of the model, and changes also across the time series. Meaning, for each time interval (1 month) I have a different map of recharge values. January map values are different from February map and so forth. I need to input these time-series maps into FEFLOW but in spite of reading the manuals I have no clue whatsoever how this is done. Can anyone tell me how do I input such map data series?

    Emilia Novo
  • confused about multi-layer wells

    Still having the problem of my multi-layer wells not showing pumping rates in the Inspection/View Components panel, I went back, again, to the manuals and got even more confused. That because in one of your manuals there is this phrase: "The total withdrawal from a multilayer well is the sum of the boundary condition values. Its distribution on layers is a result of the model run, depending on the layer properties and hydraulic head conditions in the different layers/slices".

    Does this means that when entering the wells the model "ignores" the pumping rates to which we did the Linking to Parameters in a way that when doing the Inspection, they do not show up (in fact no property shows off, not even the screening top and bottom)?  :-\

    Notice that I did snap distance in the Linking to Parameters = 0 m
  • I cannot generate the mesh

    I am searching in Forum for the solution to my problem but I found no answers. I am starting with he FEFLOW 7 (following the tutorials) and I can't create the mesh because there is no Mesh Generator toolbar and regardless of my searching for where can I activate it, I find no solution to this. What I have available are
    just the following toolbars: Standard, View, Mesh Editor, Origin. NO Mesh Generator tool bar or anything else. And no way to download it either (being from View manu or any other way).
    How can I solve this problem? Without the Mesh Generator I am stuck!
    Emília Novo