• MIKE 11 volume balance summary

    I have an integrated MIKE SHE MIKE11 model and was trying to find a summary for my river water balance including how much water it receives from MIKESHE, inflow and ET from boundaries, outflow, and storage. MIKE 11 user manual states that M11 volume balance summary is provided in "m11sim11VolumeBalance.HTML" file. However, i couldn't find this in the results folder. Do i need to specify somewhere in the model to produce this output file? Any help would be appreciated for how to find/generate total water balance for M11.
  • Diverting streamflow from MIKE 11 branch to a reservoir

    I have a coupled MIKE SHE MIKE 11 model and my MIKE 11 model receives water from MIKE SHE whenever there is a rain and overland flow. I was trying to simulate water capture in side reservoirs at some locations along the main branch whenever water flows above certain specified elevation. I was thinking to use "side structure with reservoir" option in MIKE 11, however, I wanted to fix the reservoir capacity and once it is filled to capacity the water no longer runs through the side structure even though the water level in MIKE 11 branch is above the specified elevation. I am not sure how to specify the parameters for this setting, i would appreciate any suggestions regarding how to achieve it.
    Thank you,
  • Evaporation from MIKE 11

    In my integrated MIKESHE/MIKE 11 model i applied a global evaporation boundary condition to account for evaporation losses from standing water in ditches. How do i know model simulated actual evaporation from the MIKE 11 network?
    Also i noticed that at some chainage points model simulated discharge values are negative, is it back flow? If not what is it?
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  • Re: ERROR: Groundwater below UZ column

    Increase the thickness (depth) of UZ column so that when water table recedes it doesn't go below the specified UZ depth. There should be a specified UZ to simulate the unsaturated flow but the model doesn't see it when the water table drops below your specified UZ depth and gives an error.
  • Water balance error due to irrigation

    For my coupled MIKE SHE/MIKE 11 model, i am getting water balance error of about 3% of total rainfall (in WB tool). This error is caused due to inclusion of irrigated areas in the model, as i found after running the model with and without irrigation. I have scattered irrigated areas (about 20 chunks) in the model, where each chunk has 2-3 crops. The crops and irrigation scheduling are same in each of the chunk but these chunks are irrigated by corresponding wells sources in their area. As i noticed, the error is especially high if i include irrigated paddy in the model, which requires relatively higher irrigation. I tried changing the UZ and other components time steps and also change the demand type, but it didn't work.
    The error is positive and, as i understand, it implies that model is generating water. This error may mask the effects of some of the scenarios i am simulating and I was wondering if there is a way i can reduce this error? Or what is the reason for this error?
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  • Evaporation from structures in MIKE 11

    I have a coupled MIKE SHE/MIKE 11 model with UZ, SZ, irrigation and OL flow components. I have check dams (broad crested weirs) in my MIKE 11 stream and i wanted to know the amount of water removed as evaporation from the water standing behind these dams or from entire stream. The stream is ephemeral and flows only during wet season (runoff) hence the dams also store water during the wet season.
    I applied reference ET as a global boundary in MIKE 11 set up.  The *. res11 files that i could generate has water level, discharge, flow area, mass error etc but i could not find evaporation. Any help would be appreciated.
  • UZ water balance error

    I have a coupled MIKE SHE/MIKE 11 model set up for a small ag watershed; UZ, SZ, FDOF components. My watershed is about 3 km2 size and cell size is 45x45m. My current model set up is giving me an average annual water balance error of about 3% of annual rainfall. Is it normal or little excessive? Most of this error is due to water balance error in UZ; i am using Richards equation. For example, for a single day rainfall of 130 mm the UZ error is -34 mm (it is the maximum rainfall during my 6 yrs simulation period). The WB tool have shown that daily UZ errors are more on the days of heavy rainfall.
    Which options should i try to reduce this error in UZ simulations?
    Thank you,
  • Hardware for MIKE SHE 8-core licence

    We were planning to buy a 8-core license for MIKE SHE/MIKE 11 and was wondering what hardware would be good enough to utilize the license. Currently my individual model run times (with 4 core labkit) are high and i need to run many climate change scenarios. I have some specific questions:
    1) Can i use a computer with two quad core processors or should i use a single 8-core processing unit (cost effectiveness/feasibility?)
    2) Can i run two/more MIKE SHE simulations on two/more different computers on a network
    3) Should i install/run the software on a server

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on these points,

    Thank you,
  • MIKE SHE - Irrigation demand input through Vegetation properties file

    I have a coupled MIKE SHE/11 model for a small agricultural watershed with UZ, SZ, OF components. While trying to apply the irrigation through vegetation properties file i am getting this error:

    Programming error: Calling Mrotation_GetStartEndsScheme with an array that is not associated
    Error : Timer UZ+ET is not on

    The model runs fine if i specify a constant or time series irrigation demand in  irrigation demand dialogue but gives an error when i use the etv file. I have specified maximum allowed deficit values in the etv file during different crop growth stages but it seems that its having a problem in reading the values from file.

    Also it gives another error while trying to use ponding depth (for paddy) option with vegetation file. It says that "irrigation requires input from vegetation database for demand calculation for following points..."

    Since i have different crops in the watershed i am looking to use maximum allowed deficit option for one crop and ponding depth option for paddy crop. But it seems that the model is unable to read the demand values from the etv file.

    Can someone please help me in understanding where the problem may be?
    Thank you,
  • MIKE SHE/MIKE 11 error

    I set up a coupled MIKE SHE/MIKE 11 model for simulating saturated zone heads and runoff for a small agriculture watershed. I have UZ, SZ, overland flow and irrigation components included in the model. While running the simulation i get an  error message like this:

    check_time_out_sequencial: new output time incorrect, storing time step changed?
    Specified time : 2664.00
    Expected time : 2656.00
    Error writing datatype, subtype, time: 17,1,2664.00000000

    The simulation stops with this error message.  If i run the simulation again, sometimes i don't get any error and simulation succeeds. This error is causing a good number of failed simulation runs while running the Autocal tool. Can someone please help me in understanding what might have been causing this error?