• Re: Referencing nodes in the expression editor

    The quickest solution to this would probably be to copy the top node elevations to ALL nodes of a nodal User Data distribution and then use the value at the current node in this distribution.

    Aside from this workaround, and assuming that you're working in a layered model, there is a way within the expression editor as well: There is a template for getting the value at a specific node index (indicated by brackets in the toolbar, check out the tooltips). With this you can get Elev(node index). But what's the node index of the top node corresponding to your current node? As FEFLOW numbers the nodes slice by slice and in the same order in each slice, you can get the node index of the top node by current node index (Idxn) minus (Current Slice Number Nos - 1) multiplied with the number of nodes per slice Nonslice. All the respective numbers can be found in the Mesh - Node Data section on the right hand side of the dialog.
  • Re: store node selection on FEFLOW 6?

    Thank you very much
  • Re: store node selection on FEFLOW 6?

    Hi Axayacatl,
    This functionality is also available in FEFLOW 6. You find it in the Spatial units panel (context menu) and in the context menu of the view(s).

  • store node selection on FEFLOW 6?


    I changed job and the license they have is FEFLOW 6. I don't remember if the function of storing selections of nodes and elements is available also in FEFLOW 6 or just in 7?

    Thanks a lot for your kind answers.
  • Re: Dummies Guide to Min/Max Mass Flow Constraints?

    Let me anser your second question: Those constraints are put as FEFLOW does not require a fixed-concentration BC when water flows out of the system at a boundary. Thus it is good practise to apply the fixed-concentration BC only for water inflow - and this is what the constraint with a value of 0 does.
  • Re: Flow budget at non boundary nodes

    No, this has been new functionality in FEFLOW 7.0.
  • Re: Flow budget at non boundary nodes

    You can use either the Subdomain Rate Budget panel or the Rate Budget panel for an elemental selection.
  • Re: Problem with hydraulic head BC with constraint

    in steady-state the correct working of constraints ist not strictly guaranteed. They are evaluated once and then kept, as otherwise the model would very likely loop infinitely over finding the correct status. In such a case, where the spring BCs keep infiltrating water, I recommend to run the model in transient for a while. Once the correct water table is found, it might work to run scenarios in steady-state again (assuming that the conditions at the springs do not change much).
  • Re: in-/active option

    It seems that the phreatic surface in your model is being simulated with the 'free&movable' option. In this case, element deactivatoin is not supported. You'll have to either use the 'Phreatic' mode or a fully unsaturated model in order to use inactive elements.
  • Re: Import elevation data in .asc

    Hi Boris,

    FEFLOW does not allow to load ESRI ASCII grids directly. I recommend to export the mesh nodes as shp, attach the values from the .asc grid to the points in a GIS system, and import the elevations back to FEFLOW. Alternatively, you can convert the .asc grid to points and use these for interpolation in FEFLOW. The latter option, however, will give you a very large point file that is not required with the former one.