• Re: Invalid Cursor Error (not working with solutions posted in previous threads)

    Hi, please make sure you only have polygons that do not overlap each other before generating the mesh. Many of your polygons are located entirely within another polygon (looks like an enclave).
    My suggestion is that you must check and modify the Shapefile in ArcGIS/QGIS, so that there is no overlap before automatically converting to FEFLOW supermesh.
    By the way, simplifying the shapefile is sometimes necessary.
  • Re: Drawdown contour

    You are welcome.
    - If you have python experience, you can refer to this example to compare simulation results:
    "Compare two results DAC files" http://www.feflow.info/html/help75/feflow/13_Programming/Python/Examples/Compare_DACs.htm

    - If you are a classic GUI user:
    Step1. You can export the result of model A at a specific time step, for example, the Head at Day365, as a Shapefile.
    Step2. Then open Model B, and create a new nodal distribution called "HeadModelA_Day365"
    Step3. Load the Shapefile to Model B, and use [i]Link To Parameter[/i], link the value to HeadModelA_Day365. Now, in Model B, you can also display the result of Model A.
    Step4. It is similar like my last post, use further expression to compare the results.

    If anything not clear, please contact our official support: mike.de@dhigroup.com
  • Re: cant enable scripting

    As Peter replied in another page, the python scripting menu built into the FEFLOW GUI are only available since[b] FELFOW 7.1[/b].
    Please refer to: http://www.feflow.info/html/help71/feflow/mainpage.htm#t=02_News%2Fnews.html
  • Re: Drawdown contour

    the drawdown can be calculated (and displayed) by a [b]Nodal User Expression[/b] in FEFLOW.
    Firstly, you would need to create a nodal user expression in the Data panel. You can do a right click under the section [b]User Data[/b] and choose [i]Add nodal expression distribution[/i].
    Subsequently, you can define the name as [b][i]Drawdown[/i][/b].
    Then right-click on this new distribution and choose [b][i]Edit Parameter Expression[/i][/b].
    Here you could put an expression to do the calculation:

    [i]Current = Head - Head@(0)[/i]

    So, Head@0 is kind of a reference hydraulic head, that stored in the initial conditions (Time 0 [d]).
  • Re: cant enable scripting

    Please use the link below to install FEFLOW 7.1 Update 9:
    If there are any internet problems connecting to that link, please contact your local DHI office. They will find a solution for you.
  • Re: cant enable scripting

    FEFLOW licences are always backwards compatible. For licence update issue, please contact your local DHI office
  • Re: FEPEST error 'Missing matrix column'

    Hi Lee,
    I suspect that the observation point is located in an inactive element?
    Could you please check?
  • Re: cant enable scripting

    This option must be set before any models are loaded. That is, you have to set it in an empty FEFLOW.

    Btw, I suggest updating your FEFLOW to the latest version, at least, you can update to the latest FEFLOW 7.1 Update 9.

    From the snapshot, I can see that your version is not the v7.1 Update 9
  • Re: How to add exactly nodes after generated super mesh?

    If you don't want to regenerate the mesh.
    There might be a solution. When you are in the slice view, you can zoom in to the location of the Shapefile point, and find out the nearest node, then use this feature called "Move Node" and press the F2 button (s. attached). After that, you can change the coordinates of that node to the exact location of the Shapefile point.

  • Re: Darcy discharge

    I am not sure if I understood your question, I guess you are looking for this? ---> You could use the inspector to check the Time Series of each element, e.g., the IOFLOW, as long as you expand the transient-data chart.
    Please see attached snapshot.