Posted Sun, 09 Jan 2022 20:35:11 GMT by pramod pokharel
I have simulated hydraulic head after pit dewatering(dac file).  Now I need to plot drawdown contour around the pit and Within model domain . could you please tell me  How can I get the dewatering contour in Feflow7.5? 
Posted Mon, 10 Jan 2022 11:39:39 GMT by Jintao Liu
the drawdown can be calculated (and displayed) by a [b]Nodal User Expression[/b] in FEFLOW.
Firstly, you would need to create a nodal user expression in the Data panel. You can do a right click under the section [b]User Data[/b] and choose [i]Add nodal expression distribution[/i].
Subsequently, you can define the name as [b][i]Drawdown[/i][/b].
Then right-click on this new distribution and choose [b][i]Edit Parameter Expression[/i][/b].
Here you could put an expression to do the calculation:

[i]Current = Head - Head@(0)[/i]

So, Head@0 is kind of a reference hydraulic head, that stored in the initial conditions (Time 0 [d]).
Posted Mon, 10 Jan 2022 23:31:28 GMT by pramod pokharel
Thank you Jintao.
Also, I would like to get drawdown based on two different conditions.  I.e : The  model without no mine - Model with Mine. what expression should I use in this case and , How can I import the the initial head of without no mine  model in to the model with mine?
thank you
Posted Fri, 14 Jan 2022 11:00:04 GMT by Jintao Liu
You are welcome.
- If you have python experience, you can refer to this example to compare simulation results:
"Compare two results DAC files"

- If you are a classic GUI user:
Step1. You can export the result of model A at a specific time step, for example, the Head at Day365, as a Shapefile.
Step2. Then open Model B, and create a new nodal distribution called "HeadModelA_Day365"
Step3. Load the Shapefile to Model B, and use [i]Link To Parameter[/i], link the value to HeadModelA_Day365. Now, in Model B, you can also display the result of Model A.
Step4. It is similar like my last post, use further expression to compare the results.

If anything not clear, please contact our official support:

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