• Re: Corrupt FEM file?

    Hi Dwaine,
    Thanks for posting the images, recently, we got some similar reports.

    Our developers are investigating this issue now and this is probably due to some limitations/differences in the shader implementation/support and/or textures. As it might be also hardware related, would you please send me your graphics card info? I'm collecting a list for DEV Team. You could send it to mike.de@dhigroup.com

    Before we find out a stable solution, the only workaround to make it work on your PC in the current versions v7.4/7.5 is to disable “Shader rendering” in the properties, which – of course –comes with the price of reduced rendering performance.

    Thanks in advance
  • Re: display coordinates

    Unfortunately, I don't think FEFLOW has such option to display, so far, you could only display the coordination icon and length scale in the model.
    I will add your feedback to the wishlist.
  • Re: rainfall time series

    If infiltration lower than raining, the Head will increase and even exceed the top, in that case, you need to decide to how to deal with this, and use "Head limits at the model top".
    One of the options is to remove the water.
    Please see: http://www.feflow.info/html/help75/feflow/08_ProblemSettings/Flow/free_surface.html
  • Re: Error find out with multilayer well parameter assignament.

    Hi Marco,
    I just checked the support system and my colleague has responded to you on the same day.

    Let me know if you cannot solve this problem, and for future any urgent issues, you can call our support hotline directly.

    The latest FEFLOW 7.4.3 installation is http://www.feflow.info/download/FEFLOW/windows/Feflow-7.4.7403-x64-en/Feflow-7.4.7403-x64-en-Compact.exe
  • Re: Corrupt FEM file?

    I appreciate if you could send a snapshot of the corrupted BC labels to take a look?
  • Re: How to create Cross-Section view in 3D Unstructured Meshes

    You could build up a dummy layer-based model on the same model area, and create the 2D cross-section lines. Then you could export the lines and import to 3D unstructured mesh.
  • Re: TetGen internal error or self-intersection

    Please refer to this link: http://www.feflow.info/html/help75/feflow/06_Supermesh/supermesh_3d.htm

    Unfortunately, there is not much you can do in FEFLOW itself, as the intersection error is triggered directly by the mesh generator TetGen.

    You have to go back to the geological software like Leapfrog, GOCAD... to repair the surfaces.
    Best of luck
  • Re: Open pit inflow rate

    It is very hard to be explained in just a few words.

    Generally speaking, you can set up such like Seepage BCs at the bottom of the pit, meanwhile, combining with transient inactive elements to represent each pit stage.

    If necessary, modulation functions could be used to control the activation of BCs in mine dewatering.

    The flow rate budget through those BCs could be recorded in budget history charting during the simulation.

    We have written a relevant training course to demonstrate all the processes involved. If you would like to know more details, please contact mike.de@dhigroup.com

  • Re: esri shape file map not displaying in feflow model domain

    Can you make sure that your model domain and Shapefile have the same coordinate system?
  • Re: Error find out with multilayer well parameter assignament.

    We are sorry about that is a bug in FEFLOW 7.5.0 to assign MLW by using "Link to Parameter".

    It has been quickly fixed by the DEV team, but has not yet been officially released.
    If it is urgent for you, you can use the preview version of 7.5.1 or the official version of FEFLOW 7.4.3 to do the assignment.

    PS: If you need preview version, please email us mike.de@dhigroup.com

    Thanks for your understanding