What is the VAT (Value Added Tax) number field that is found when browsing your Company profile - Fig. 1?


Fig. 1 - VAT (Value Added Tax) Number

The VAT (Value Added Tax) Number field found when browsing your Company profile details is used for managing tax obligations, and it is especially needed to participate in the European market. It is a unique identifier used by businesses or individuals that engage in economic activities, especially used within the European Union. It’s an identifier used for monitoring transactions and ensuring tax compliance.

The VAT number is assigned to any business registered for VAT with their national tax authorities. The number is composed of a country code prefix followed by a sequence of characters or digits that are unique to each business. It is common business to have a VAT identifier on all invoices and other official documents, because it adds transparency to business operations. 

The number is used as a proof, to build trust with customers and partners, showing that the business is registered and legitimate.

We use this record to identify your company and it is shown on our invoices whenever purchasing DHI products or services. If you are unsure of your company VAT number, please ask your finance team.

Local names of VAT numbers in following countries as shown in Fig 2. 

Country VAT number
USSales Tax
ITPartita IVA

Fig. 2 - Abbreviation of countries and corresponding VAT number