What is the Registration number of a company - Fig. 1?

Fig. 1 - "Registration Number"

The Registration number field is used as an identifier of the business’s legal identity. Usually, it is assigned to a business when it is registered with government authorities. This number or identifier serves as the official recognition of the company’s existence and is used in legal documents, such as invoices transactions, and communications.

When the company is formed, it must be registered with a government body in the country of formation, for example the Companies House in the UK or an equivalent in other countries. Once registered, the company is assigned a unique number or identifier. This is the proof that the company has the authority to conduct business and it is recognized as a legal entity by the state or country of formation. You recognize the registration number by these rules:

  • The identifier or number is unique to each company and cannot be duplicated.
  • The company identifier is part of public record.
  • It may be used for tax law compliance, such as file taxes activities.  It may also be required for other regulatory purposes, depending on the country’s laws.

We use this record to uniquely identify your company and assign the correct licenses and purchases. If you are unsure about your company registration number, ask your finance team.

Local names of registration numbers in selected countries as in Fig. 2. 

Country Registration Number/Company Registration ID
DEHRA or HRB number
ITCodice fiscale - numero REA
FRRCN (SIREN - a unique identification number that is proof of business registration in France. It is used by all government and official institutions

Fig. 2 - Abbreviation of countries and corresponding Company Registration numbers