How do I create a OneLogin powered by MIKE Cloud User Profile to gain access to DHI's web services?

    In order to gain access, you must create a OneLogin powered by MIKE Cloud User Profile with a one-time registration. 

    You can create this User Profile on any one of our web services.  Please note that your personal profile credentials will give you access to all DHI web services such as DHI Customer Care PortalDHI Training PortalDHI Bathymetrics Data Portal and DHI MetOcean Data Portal  

    Note that MIKE Cloud uses the Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure Active Directory), a cloud-based identity and access management service, which allows users to access external resources securely. Read more here on Microsoft Entra ID.

    Does your company use Microsoft Entra ID service?

    • YES. You can simply register following the steps below, using your own company credentials (this does not mean we own your credentials!! All is protected and secured by the Microsoft service) – this requires Microsoft Authentication via app (MFA).
    • NO. If you do not have a Microsoft Entra ID used in your company, you can still register following the steps below. For security reasons, you will be prompted to verify your profile via email and via MFA.


    Note: For technical and security reasons, MIKE Cloud does not allow shared mailboxes to register. A shared mailbox is a mailbox that multiple users can use to read and send email messages.

    You are ready to go - pls. follow the steps below:

    Step #01 - Go to "Sign in" on any of our DHI services - see Fig. 1.

    Fig. 1 - "Sign in", always found on the top right corner.


    Step #02 - A window opens up and the option to "SIGN IN" or "REGISTER" appears.  Select "REGISTER" - see Fig. 2.

    Fig. 2 - "REGISTER" button to create a new user profile.


    Step #03 - Enter your company email address and then click "Next" - see Fig. 3.

    Fig. 3 - Please enter email address and click on the Next button. It is advised to use your own company email.
    Step #04 - Complete the fields and select "Create" - see Fig. 4.

    Fig. 4 - Complete the 3 fields and select "Create account".


    Step #05 - Your information is processed and you will receive a request to verify your company email - see Fig. 5. 

    Fig. 5 - request to verify your company email address - the link will expire in one hour.


    Step #06 - Confirm your email by selecting the VERIFY EMAIL in the email received - see Fig. 6.

    Fig. 6 - Email verification request: click "VERIFY EMAIL" to proceed. 


    Step #07 - Here you will be prompted to assign your user profile to an existing company within our system, select one from the drop-down menu (see Fig. 7.). Association to a company is highly recommended to ensure we have the correct information - see Fig 7.

    A screenshot of a computer<br><br>Description automatically generated
    Fig. 7 - "Associate company" to your user profile or to create a new company follow Step #08.

    Step #08 - If you are prompted to create a new company, include all fields as accurate as possible. - see Figs. 8 and 9.

    A screenshot of a computer<br><br>Description automatically generated

    Fig. 8 - To create a new company select “Associate me with a new company” and fill in the fields as shown in the Fig. 9.

    A screenshot of a computer<br><br>Description automatically generated

    Fig. 9 - Fill in the required information, try to be as accurate as possible as this information will show on your invoices when purchasing DHI Products. The most important field required is the company reg. no which is the identification code of your company provided by the national business registry of your country – please try to be as accurate as possible.

    Step #09 - Accept our invitation to MIKE Cloud services, which include all DHI web services - see Figs. 10 and 11.

    A screenshot of a computer<br><br>Description automatically generated

    Fig. 10 - The step completes once a company is selected and you receive an email in your inbox for you to confirm your invitation to our services.

    Fig. 11 - You received an email that is asking you to accept our invitation to our MIKE Cloud services, to complete the registration you must accept. Once accepted you will have completed your registration and will be able to access all our DHI web services. 


    Step #10 Registration is completed - see Fig. 12.

    Fig. 12 - Registration is complete


    DHI Customer Care Portal
    DHI Training Portal 
    DHI MetOcean Data Portal
    DHI Bathymetrics Data Portal    

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