With the new powerful MIKE+ result files functionality you can create additional, fully customizable result files with user-defined specifications that can fulfill any user’s preferences for presenting and post-processing river, collection systems and water distribution model results.

The workflow can be described with two main steps:

#01 – Include the additional result file in your results list
First, you need to include the additional result file preference in the ‘Simulation setup’ > ‘Results’ tab and include the additional network result file Default_Network_HD.ADDOUT as shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1 - Sequence of clicks and options to include the additional result file in the list of result files

#02 – Customize it
Then, you need to define the various options to cover your needs for the customized result file. These options are all located at the ‘Result files’ editor within the ‘Result specifications’ item of the ‘Setup’ data tree (See  Fig. 2). For instance, you can create a timeseries result file (.res1d or .dfs0) for a subset of the pipe/river network (selection based on specific polygons/areas), and then choose specific Basic/Additional result items (e.g. volume, error, velocity) from the list of available Items under the HD/AD/ST/ECO Lab tabs.

Fig. 2 - Sequence of clicks and options to customize your results file

MIKE+ has powerful customization options to produce 1D results files that fully cover the most sophisticated user-defined post-processing and presentation needs.



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