How do I learn to set up a simple river model quickly and cost-effectively? I am a new user!

You should join one of our self-paced courses!

DHI has created many courses for users and water professionals in general who want to learn to set up a simple MIKE model in a quick and cost-effective way. These self-paced courses cover the entire MIKE portfolio and feature pre-recorded lectures, presentations, tasks and quizzes.  The only investment is your time as they typically take two to four hours to complete. 

All you need for your self-paced courses is:

•    A reliable internet connection of sufficient bandwidth
•    A demo version of the software which can be downloaded from the official MIKE Powered by DHI download page.

Below you will find an introduction video to our "MIKE+ - Getting started with river modelling". Have a look and feel free to register for the full-scale course!

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