What does ‘SSL inspection’ refer to? And how do I set up ‘SSL inspection’ in DHI License Manager? 

‘SSL inspection’ refers to the process of intercepting and reviewing SSL-encrypted internet communication between the client and the server. MIKE software using DHI Internet License Service makes a strong check on SSL certificate from DHI Internet license Server. The software checks that the pinned public key in the certificate installed on the internet license servers matches the certificates issued for DHI Internet License Service. If the certificate check fails, MIKE applications will not communicate with DHI Internet License Service, and the applications can only run in demo mode. 

Current certificates in DHI Internet License solution:
1.    SSL certificate for is valid until 5th- MAY- 2023. It is issued by Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA .
2.    SSL certificate for is valid until 10th -September-2023. It is issued by Sectigo RSA domain Validation Securer Server CA. 
3.    Certificate for is valid until 13th- February-2024. It is issued by Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA .

You need to obtain information about any network security programme in your company that checks the communication between MIKE applications and DHI Internet License Service. During this process the security programme replaces or manipulates the certificate that DHI Internet License is using and, therefore, your internet license will not work. 

If you do not know whether your company has enabled ‘SSL inspection’, we advise you to log into DHI Internet License Portal to check that you can see the information as shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2. If the certificate is being replaced, please contact your company IT. 

Fig. 1 - Log into DHI Internet License Portal

Fig. 2 - Make sure the certificate is the one that DHI Internet License Service uses

DHI Internet License Portal


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