Posted Tue, 05 Apr 2016 05:16:33 GMT by Umasankar Panda

How can we calculate the statistics for any DFSU file and extraction of summary file (eg. mean, max etc. map)  from a time series spatial map.  (It is possible with dfs2 files).

Is there any tool, matlab program to compute the statistics of parameters in a dfsu file in different spatial and time scale ?

Posted Thu, 07 Apr 2016 08:19:29 GMT by Michael Potthoff
There should be DataStatisticsFM.exe tool in you bin folder (may depend on release version). I think there is no official guide, so this information is *as is*. You need to manually prepare a input file (save as plain ASCII format) with the content:


    file_name = |input_file.dfsu|  // <- give the file/path of your file
  EndSect  // INPUT

    file_name = |output_file.dfsu| // <- where to store the results
    title = 'test'
    item_number = 1 // <-- select the proper item number here
    maximum = 1    // <- 1 = include, 0=not included
    minimum = 1
    mean = 1
    exeedance = 3
    exeedance_level = 0.05
    minimum_exeedance_level = 0
    maximum_exeedance_level = 1
    event_level = 0.025
    Event_length = 1

    first_step = 0 // <- first time step
    last_step = 6 // <- last time step
  EndSect  // OUTPUTS

EndSect // DataStatisticsFM

Then call the tool with the input definition file as parameter, i.e. "DataStatisticsFM.exe {your_input_file}" - if it can not find the tool you have to add the path to the bin-folder.
Posted Thu, 26 May 2016 12:18:10 GMT by Rama Venkata Suresh Reddi
If your version is 2014 or later you can open your dfsu file by right click and Open with Data Manager. Then go to Tools > Calculate Statistics.

If your version is before 2014, you can change the settings to open your 'dfsu' file with Data Manager.
In MIKE ZERO window go to File > Options > User settings > File Associations and change the editor for '.dfsu' from Data Viewer to Data Manager.
Now open your file and go to Tools > Calculate Statistics.

Posted Tue, 21 Mar 2017 03:51:13 GMT by Umasankar Panda
Thank you

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