Posted Tue, 07 Mar 2017 00:06:49 GMT by Tom Lecomte

I am trying to set some control rules on a pump station but it doesn't seem to work very well so far... :(

My PS is controlled both by its own water level (starts ABOVE 13.4m and stops BELOW 12.9m) and by the water level of the downstream PS (starts when ds PS level BELOW 12.8m and stops when ds PS ABOVE 13.4m).
I have created:
- 1 sensor in the ds PS to check the level
- 2 conditions (sensor <12.8m and sensor >13.4
- 1 action (I assume I should use the Setting Start/Stop levels as action type but I am confused as I have to enter newly some start and stop level + an input value (?) while I was expecting to enter an action which would just switch the pump On and Off...
- The RTC in controllable device which gathers my condition and my action (in this table I am not too sure about what should be the min stop level and min start level)

The model ran but I am not satisfied with the results as my pump doesn't seem to obey the rules.
Does anybody know how to set it up properly ? I am especially intrigued by the "action" table, isn't there a way to simply activate/deactivate my pump when it respects the conditions.

Thank you for your help,

Posted Mon, 27 Mar 2017 13:51:06 GMT by Brian Brenhaug Enterprise Water Systems Team Manager
Hello Tom,

I find the pump controls pretty unintuitive in Mike Urban. I assume you're using the MOUSE engine? Assuming MOUSE, my typical practice is to setup two actions, each of Action type (msm_RTCFunction.FunctionNo) "Setting of Start/Stop Levels" and Input type (msm_RTCFunction.InputNo) "Constant".

MUID: _EnablePump
StartLevel: 0
StopLevel: 0

MUID: _DisablePump
StartLevel: 9999
StopLevel: 9999

I then use whatever conditions with these as the activate/deactive pump actions. I try not to think about it too much, because it feels so unintuitive, but if you want the details, the _EnablePump action forces the pump on whenever the water level in the upstream node exceeds the StartLevel. Because the predicted water level in the upstream node will always be above the starting level you've specified as 0', the pump will always turn on. Similarly the _DisablePump action will turn the pump off if the water level in the upstream node is below the minimum StopLevel. Since the water level is always below 9999, the pump will always stop. (Of course, this assumes you aren't modeling anything below 0' or above 9999'). Often, when I find this isn't working, it has to do with the specifics on the pump curve.


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