Posted Tue, 26 Jan 2016 13:53:00 GMT by Bibi Gondwe

Just a suggestion for you at DHI.
Since it is no longer possible to "drag-and-drop" dfs2-files into ArcMap, I would like to suggest that you perhaps liase with Safe , who produce the software FME. It's an easy and quick way to convert many file types and I know several consultants who use it.
However, the dfs2-format is not yet a standard format in FME - but it would be great if it could be. Then it is also even easier for us users to post-process model output.
We FME-users have asked Safe if they could make dfs2 one of their standard formats, but without success so far - perhaps, if you also think it's a good idea, you at DHI could get through to them.

Just a suggestion.

Best regards.
Posted Tue, 26 Jan 2016 19:36:00 GMT by Craig Goodier Principal Engineer
If you install MikeUrban2016 and SP1 (even if you don't have a MikeUrban License) you can view dfs2 files in Arcmap 10.3.1.
You can also use MZ Tools to convert dfs2 to ascii  (use the 'Mike2GRD' tool).

Hope that helps!


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