• dfs2 to ascii via FME


    Just a suggestion for you at DHI.
    Since it is no longer possible to "drag-and-drop" dfs2-files into ArcMap, I would like to suggest that you perhaps liase with Safe , who produce the software FME. It's an easy and quick way to convert many file types and I know several consultants who use it.
    However, the dfs2-format is not yet a standard format in FME - but it would be great if it could be. Then it is also even easier for us users to post-process model output.
    We FME-users have asked Safe if they could make dfs2 one of their standard formats, but without success so far - perhaps, if you also think it's a good idea, you at DHI could get through to them.

    Just a suggestion.

    Best regards.
  • Re: Licensing

    Yes, I also use "Remote Desktop" often. It however doesn't solve the issue I'm addressing here.
    Sometimes I have experienced a need to run long AutoCal runs (several weeks), and I have needed to log of the company network to avoid forced monthly software updates, which restarts my computer automatically.
    In those cases it could be great if I could "borrow" some of the network licenses down to my local pc. Without having to use one of our few stand-alone licence dongles.
    It would add more flexibility to our use of licenses.
  • Licensing


    Just a suggestion for you at DHI: At my company, we operate with both corporate network licenses, and a few dongles.

    However, it would be very useful, if it was possible to convert some network licenses to short term "take home"-licenses, for instance activated using a dongle.

    In the same way that for instance MapInfo allows a "borrow license" function, where you specify, how many days you would like to borrow the network licence down on your local pc. And when you are done with your local license, you can return it to the common network license pool.

    I hope you will consider this suggestion.

  • Re: MShe_FlowThroughLine.exe - documentation?

    Just had the same problem as you had. Like you I cannot find any documentation. But in the same bin folder there is a document entitled MShe_FlowThroughLine.pfs.

    I followed the syntax provided there and tried it out for my own little case. Worked fine.

    The grid code dfs2-file with the line which you want to calculate flow through, should be neighbouring cells of 1 and 2, where your line is the 1's and the 2's indicates the direction which the programme should calculate the flow through. I.e. it will calculate the flow from your 1's to your 2's. (Found that out 'cuz I first tried to make my lines just of 1's, and then got the error message "ERROR  : No pairs of neighbour cells with code 1 and 2 found inside the model area.").

    In my case the 1-cells were located on some of the boundary cells (and the 2's of course within the model area), so that works fine, the 1's do not need to be *within* the model area.