• Re: Water balance for multilayer wells

    I would be interested in an answer to that question as well.
  • Drawdown

    In my current project I want to calculate the groundwater inflow into several wells inside a building excavation in accordance with a predefined hydraulic head at the wells using FEFLOW 7.1.
    For example, the natural phreatic level is located at -10 m and for a construction site I have to lower the phreatic level to exact -20 m. What is the best way to do that?
    Using 'multilayer wells' just makes the definition of a well capacity possible and I would have to find my solution iteratively.
    Attached you will find my current model.
    Thank you!
  • Error Reduction

    another question I have is: Which possibilities do I have to reduce the errors during a simulation. I know that you have to check your 'Boundary Conditions' for any conflicts and that 'Delauny criterion', 'Peclet & Courant number' and 'Condition number' are good hints as well as 'Max. interior angle of triangles'. But are there other ways to reduce it?
    Thank you in advance!
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  • Re: Node fixing

    Thank you for the fast and satisfying response!
  • Node fixing

    is there a way to fix/to anchor single nodes? Would be useful for optimizing the meshing, so that you fix nodes and let the surrounding get smoothed.
    Thank you!